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Maintaining Your Lawn Tractor
Pictures are of a Cub Cadet LT1042 and GT2542. Concepts apply to any to like models.
(LT1046 LT1050 LT1040 GT2546 GT2550 GT2552

Changing the Engine Oil

  1. Take cap off of oil drain valve to expose the drain port

  2. Push oil drain hose (packaged with manual) onto oil drain port

  3. Put other end of oil drain hose into container that oil will be drained into

  4. Push down on oil drain valve , rotate counterclockwise and pull on valve to begin drainage

  5. When oil finishes draining push oil drain valve in, rotate clockwise to lock valve closed and put cap back on valve


Changing the Oil Filter

  1. Clean area around filter

  2. Remove filter by turning it counterclockwise

  3. Slowly pour new oil into threaded center hole of filter

  4. When oil reaches the bottom of the threads, give oil time to by absorbed by filter

  5. Apply thin coating of oil to gasket of filter

  6. Install new filter. When rubber gasket contacts base, tighten filter an additional ½ turn.


Air Filter - Precleaner

  1. Remove air cleaner cover

  2. Take foam precleaner out

  3. Wash precleaner with detergent in warm water

  4. Rinse all detergent out of the precleaner and squeeze excess water out of it (do not wring)

  5. Allow precleaner to air dry

  6. Saturate precleaner with new engine oil

  7. Squeeze out excess oil

  8. Reinstall precleaner and cover

Precleaner should be washed and oiled after every 25 hours of use

Air Filter - Paper Element

  1. Pivot air cleaner upward

  2. Unhook the wire latch

  3. Remove air cleaner element with precleaner

  4. Separate precleaner and paper element

  5. Replace paper element

  6. Reinstall air cleaners

Paper element should be replaced at least once a season, or after every 100 hours of use

Changing the Blades


  1. Take deck off of tractor and turn it upside down

  2. Place a wooden block between the cutting blade and the deck housing to keep the blade from turning

  3. Remove the hex flange nut with a 1-1/8” wrench

  4. Reattach blades to deck with a torque wrench. Tighten the hex flange nut to 70-90ft-lbs.


  1. Clamp blade into a vice

  2. Use a file along the bevel with a mill file to sharpen

  3. Check blade for balance – Put a small rod through the hole in the middle of the blade. Blade will turn to one side if it is not balanced. If blade is unbalanced, file the heavier side until balance is achieved.

  4. Reattach blades to deck

When reattaching the blade, be sure that the side with “bottom” or a part number stamped into it so that it will be the side that faces the ground during operation.

Fuel Filter
Some models are equipped with fuel filters. The filter should be replaced annually, or after every 100 hours.

This model has a sealed, service-free transmission. For most models, the transmission fluid cannot be checked or changed. If you have a model that has a transmission drain plug (found underneath the tractor at the back) and operate the tractor under extreme conditions, you may choose to change the hydraulic fluid. If so, do it after the first 50 hours and once per season afterwards.