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All Kubota manuals are non-returnable

Kubota Manual Types


Kubota Publications

Operators Manual:
An Operators Manual is what is provided with a new machine. It covers operating procedures, safety, and basic maintenance of the machine.

B/BX Operators Manuals
B/BX Parts Manuals
B/BX Service Manuals

L-Series Owners Manuals
L-Series Parts Manuals
L-Series Service Manuals
Lawn and Garden Owners Manuals
Lawn and Garden Parts Manuals
Lawn and Garden Service Manuals

T-Series Manuals
KX-Series Publications
Loader Manuals
RTV900 & Other Kubota Publications

Unlike other websites, all the listed manuals are OEM Kubota Manuals that are continualy updated to reflect the latest models and production changes. These are not reproductions, copies, or dated computer files.

Parts Manual:
A Parts Manual is a bound version of the computerized parts catalogs used by dealerships. Its typically used by a mechanic in a situation where a computer is not available. The manual contains drawings of each mechanical section of the tractor and shows how one would assemble and disassemble the machine. Each part is numbered, these numbers can be used to order parts from our online shopping cart. At this time Kubota does not provide an electronic online parts catalog.
Service Manual:
Every dealership has a library of books that explains how to diagnose and repair each specific tractor. The service manual explains exactly how to perform complicated procedures like replacing an engine or tearing down a transmission. The service manual does not show how things are assembled, this is left to the parts manual. Ideally a parts and service manual should be used in tandem.