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Kubota Tractor Loader Removal.

The following steps can be followed to easily remove a loader from any tractor using a standard parking stand with pin fastened mounts. It should not take an experienced operator more than 2 minutes to complete this series of steps.

Start by parking the tractor on flat level ground. Hooking the loader backup to the tractor is much more difficult if the loader and tractor are not on the same plane.


Raise the loader boom (right) and lower the two stand arms (above). The arms are held in place right below the loader by two cotter pins. Removing the pins allows the arms to swing downward and reconnect in the lowered position. Use the same cotter pins to secure the arms in this position.

Drop the loader and roll the bucket forward so that it’s resting on the front edge. Lift the front tires off the ground just slightly. This helps push the tractor and loader mounts together and makes the pins easier to remove.

Once the loader is in position the pins that attach the loader to the frame can be removed. If the weight is properly distributed they will slide right out. Sometimes it’s necessary to work around the loader stick till the pin works loose.


With the pins removed roll the bucket from the front edge to the back edge. Curling here will cause the loader mount to lift away from the tractor.

With the loader away you can now unhook the hydraulic hoses. Before unhooking the couplers shut the machine down and work the controls in every direction to equalize the pressure.

If you do end up with pressure in the lines reconnecting the hoses can be difficult. You can blow off the pressure put pressing the pin in the center of the hydraulic coupler with a screw driver.

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