Fill-Rite: Nozzle - 3/4" Manual, Part # 6U075

Fill-Rite: Nozzle - 3/4" Manual

Part Number 6U075
Vendor Fill-Rite
Messick's Price Not Available
Stock Quantity 0
Classification Fill-Rite Nozzels, Hoses, and Filters
Weight 4.00 lbs
Days to Order See Supersessions
Replaced By FRHMN075S, N075UMN11

3/4 Manual Nozzle Assembly

Series 6 Manual Nozzle Specifically designed for fueling off-road equipment and farm implements, this manual nozzle is safe for gasoline, diesel, kerosene and most petroleum-based products-with a 1" NPT inlet and 3/4" NPT threaded adapter included. The Model 6 is also available in both leaded and unleaded spouts. * Patent Pending