Case IH / New Holland: FLUID, Part # 9624656DS


Part Number 9624656DS
Vendor Case IH
Messick's Price $18.75
Stock Quantity 0
Weight 7.90 lbs
Days to Order 7-10 business days

New Holland: 1 Gal. 134 Hydraulic / Transmission Oil

Part Number 9624656DS
Vendor New Holland
Messick's Price Not Available
Stock Quantity 0
Weight 7.90 lbs
Days to Order See Supersessions
Replaced By 73341772

Multi-G 134 Fluid (NH-410B)
A Multi-Purpose hydraulic / transmission fluid

Multi-G 134 is a single fluid for hydraulic systems, transmissions, differentials, wet brakes and PTO clutches. A high quality hydraulic oil that is truly all-purpose. Designed for use in an ambient temperature range of -5F (-20C) to 120F (50C).

Friction modifiers and anti-wear additives provide protection from abrasion and scoring to crucial components. Superior wear protection for hydraulic components, drive train gears and other transmission parts. Surpresses wet brake chatter, and enhances brake stopping capacity, including PTO brakes. Provides good filterability for optimum hydraulic system performance. Controlled frictional characteristics provide smooth operation of wet brakes and clutches. Thoroughly tested and approved by CNH engineering. Meets NH specification NH-410B.

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