Used Mergers & Inverters

Most dealers wait until they are slow to update their online used equipment listings making the data several days or weeks out of date. Here at Messicks we do things differently, our online listings are LIVE. As soon as our salesmen learn about a piece you can to.

We're human. Prices and infomation reflect the best of our knowledge and maybe subject to change.

Ag Shield ReCon 300 - $19,950.00

7 Ft., 1000 PTO, Hydraulic Side Deflectors, Spinner Spreader

Status: Consignment (at Customer)
Store: Elizabethtown

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Miller Pro 7914 - $6,500.00

Hay Merger, 7' 6" Pickup Width, 12' 9" Coneyor Width, Hydraulic Drive

Status: Sale Pending
Store: Abbottstown

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Miller Pro 7914 Hay Buddy - $6,900.00

pickup is good, teeth ok, belt is good , tires good, paint good, no welds, uses tractor hydraulics, nice machine.

Status: Available
Tag: W68217

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Miller Pro 918 - $18,500.00

Miller Pro (Oxbo) 918 single row hay merger, 4 ft. extension, hydraulic pickup lift, hydraulic tongue swing, PTO driven pump for hydraulic drive, lighting package, Overall good condition.

Status: Available
Store: Carlisle
Tag: W73459

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Oxbo 310 - $68,000.00

Hay Merger, 30 ft. Pick-up, 3-10ft. Heads, Pick-up Arm Welded, Some Teeth Need Replacing, Has Hyd. Cylinders for Header Height Adjustment,

Status: Coming
Store: Elizabethtown
Tag: W72599

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