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Can a lawn tractor be both high-performing and comfortable? The Simplicity Broadmoor™ answers this question with a definite "YES"! With the unique Free Floating™ Mower Deck, rear suspension and breathable ergonomic mesh tractor seat, mowing the lawn will never feel like yard work.

2691336 Models


Lawn Tractor, Broadmoor 44, 22 hp B&S Professional Series, V-Twin w/Ready Start, 44" Mower Deck, Ergonomic Mesh High Back Seat, Electric Height Control, 3 Year Limited Warranty


Lawn Tractor,Broadmoor 50, 23 hp B&S Professioinal Series V-Twin w/Ready Start, 50" Mower Deck, Ergonomic Mesh High Back Seat, Electric Height Control, 3 Year Limited Warranty


Lawn Tractor, Broadmoor 52, 25 hp B&S Professional Series V-Twin, 52" Fabricated Mower, SCS w/Rear Suspension & High Speed Transmission, Auto Controlled Traction, 3 Year Limited Warranty, Limited Lifetime Warranty on Mower Deck


Lawn Tractor Broadmoor Series

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A commercial delivery is a business with 8-5 hours and equipment to unload a tractor trailer truck. Job sites, churches & remote locations are not considered commercial addresses. (Fedex Freight does consider a farm commercial). Commercial carriers will not always call ahead to tell you when a delivery will be made. If you would like the commercial rate, but do not meet the requirements for a commercial delivery you can pickup your shipment from the local freight terminal where they will help you load.

A residential delivery still assumes you have the ability to unload the shipment from a 4' high tractor trailer truck. If you require a lift gate to lower the shipment to the ground an additional $50-125 charge applies for the carrier to send a truck with a lift gate to lower the crate.

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