Stihl TS Cutquick Cut-off Machine Series

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TS410: 66.7cc gas powered, Cutquick Cut-off machine, 12" Cutting Wheel.Ergonomic Top Handle bar designed to provide an optimal comfortable grip.  Advanced Filter Technology that automatically handles daily maintenance. Anti Vibration system to maximize comfort. Semi-Automatic Belt Tensioning that increases the service life of the belts and shaft bearings. 

TS420: 66.7cc gas powered Cut off Machine, Compact, Lightweight, 14" Cutting Wheel handles cuts up to 4.9 inches in depth, Ergonomic Grip, Reduced emission engine technology, Intellicarb compensating Carburetor, X2 Air Filtration System for a clean, smooth running engine, Semi-Automatic Belt Tensioning, Anti-Vibration System. 

TS700: 98.5cc gas powered Cutquick Cut-off Machine. 14" Cutting Wheel, Powerful, high speed engine, large fuel capacity, five point dual element vibration control system built right into the handle, semi automatic belt tensioner with an innovative ribbed belt. X2 Filtration system is low maintenance and cleans airflow with nearly 100 percent efficiency, reducing downtime for filter maintenance. 

TS Cutquick Cut-off Machine Series Models


Cutquik Cut-off Machine


Cutquik Cut-off Machine


Cutquick Cut-off Machine

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