13 Ton gear (green) to be mounted under W325, 11x22.5 used tires

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  • Four stake-pockets and adjustable wheel base for convenient matching to a wide variety of box sizes
  • A telescoping tongue for easy hookup is standard
  • Features an adjustable tongue length to match wagon-use conditions
  • Optional rear-surge brakes automatically disengage for backing
  • Frames are precisely constructed and aligned to ensure straight, smooth trailing
  • Double MIG continuous-bead welding and extra bracing virtually eliminate downtime due to load stress
  • Heavy-duty spindles and hubs are standard
  • A high-quality powder-coat finish in red or green helps resist corrosion
  • Truck-style steering components are used for durability
  • Easy-to-reach grease fittings at all pivot points add to durability

Warranty is provided to the original purchaser of new equipment for one year from the date of retail delivery from an authorized Unverferth Dealer. Warranty covers defects in material and workmanship during the warranty period. 

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A commercial delivery is a business with 8-5 hours and equipment to unload a tractor trailer truck. Job sites, churches & remote locations are not considered commercial addresses. (Fedex Freight does consider a farm commercial). Commercial carriers will not always call ahead to tell you when a delivery will be made. If you would like the commercial rate, but do not meet the requirements for a commercial delivery you can pickup your shipment from the local freight terminal where they will help you load.

A residential delivery still assumes you have the ability to unload the shipment from a 4' high tractor trailer truck. If you require a lift gate to lower the shipment to the ground an additional $50-125 charge applies for the carrier to send a truck with a lift gate to lower the crate.

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