Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers

Zero Turn MowerTurn on a Dime, Smooth Performance

Zero-turn steering and the individual, hydraulic wheel-drive systems provide precise maneuvering. This allows our riding mowers to rotate on their own axis. A zero turning radius means no grass is left uncut when the unit reaches the end of a mowing row and makes a 180° turn to start the next row. Thanks to the vibration-isolated platform, the Husqvarna zero turn lawn mower also delivers a smooth ride. Rubber isolators set your hands, body and feet apart from the frame, which means less fatigue during operation and ergonomic operation at all times. The robust, foot-activated deck lift system enables you to adjust your cutting height quickly and conveniently, hands-free.





Durable Zero TurnDurable Design for the Long Haul

Husqvarna’s durable fabricated cutting decks feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty to ensure years of trouble-free use. Our reinforced stamped cutting decks feature a 10-Year Limited warranty. The rugged deck shell features dual steel sheet construction (1/4” thick combined) for increased strength and spindle support. Select commercial units feature double supported scalp rollers and roller bearing spindles for increased durability. The efficient cooling system will let your mower operate at an optimal temperature for long periods - even on the hottest day.





Smart StartSmart from the Start

The innovative SmartSwitch™ ignition provides convenient one touch starting, “keyless” security and real-time feedback. With push start ignition, there are no more complicated starting procedures, lost keys or concerns about leaving your zero turn mower unattended. Simply program a security code to prevent strangers or curious kids from starting the mower when you are not present. Indicator lights alert you to any issues preventing a safe start, eliminating any guesswork. Husqvarna’s revolutionary SmartSwitch™ technology is the smart solution for simple starting.