Diamond Equipment & Attachments

Metal-Fach Sp. z o.o., with its headquarters at ul. Kresowa 62 in Sokolka, a town in the north-eastern part of Poland, is one of the leading manufacturers of farming machines in Poland and in the world. The company’s history is above all its dynamic growth since 2002, when Metal-Fach became the owner of SPOMASZ. The actual beginning of the METAL-FACH Jacek Kucharewicz is 1989 when it operated in the business of biomass heating equipment construction.

Metal-Fach has been dynamically developing the agricultural machinery and equipment sector. Currently it is one of the largest companies in the region. The company facilities cover 16.5 hectares, including 4.3 hectares of sheltered floors. The product range was expanded in 2010 with the Nova truck semitrailers. Metal-Fach In the last 12 years of operation in the agricultural machinery sector Metal-Fach has marketed a wide range of products: from silage presses, through single- and double-axle trailers, to platforms for bales and digging reels. There are two types of baling presses available: the Z589 variable chamber displacement press and the Z562, available with the rotor or the rotor and blades, depending on the optional configuration. The offer includes bale wrapping machines, i.e. machines which are intended for wrapping individual bales of semi-dry grass and legumes hay. The wrappers are stationary models: the Z552 and Z560 hydraulic-driven models and the Z561 electric-driven model. The Z237, Z577 and Z593 are self-loading wrappers. Front end loaders and equipment for front loaders are a huge success among customers. There is also a wide selection of feeder wagons and manure spreaders. Manufacturing and sale of mono-axial trailers with the capacity range from 1.5 to 4 tons, double-axial trailers from 6 to 12 tons, and tandem trailers from 8 to 10 and 12 tons of capacity ensures the superiority of Metal-Fach and makes the company one of the largest manufacturers in Poland. In 2010, Metal-Fach completed the project of building one of Poland’s biggest paint workshops with more than a hectare of roofed space. The plant is fully automated with a total of 3200 m of conveyor lines. Apart from powder coating and wet coating, the paint shop also offers cataphoresis, i.e. application of protective layers using the best currently available method. This such system uses fully automated painting process. Metal-Fach also has 3D laser machining centres for processing of sections and pipes. Apart from excellent quality products and after-sales service, the customers also receive technical support, availability of spare parts, and warranty and post-warranty services. Metal-Fach’s team of experienced and skilled professionals guarantees high quality of products, meet the demands of Polish and foreign markets, and drive the continuous growth of the company. Metal-Fach has received numerous awards not only for their equipment but also for social and staff policy. The company cares for its employees and for the community.

Metal-Fach strongly supports social activities and sponsors sports clubs, schools, the local hospital and local events. These traits have made the company not only a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery, but also one of the most attractive employers in the Podlaskie region.

All products come with a declaration of conformity. Before marketing, the products undergo detailed technical and functional tests. The machines and equipment from Metal-Fach are available in several dozen outlets all over Poland. They are excellent competitors to foreign products.