Messick's Powerline V27 - 2020 Year End Savings

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Messick's Powerline V17 - Early Spring 2018 Promo Flyer

Messick's Powerline V17 - Early Spring 2018 Promo Flyer

Awesome ALO loader video

usually internet vidoes for equipment are just machines in the field, check out the production value of this one and this awesome piece of loader technology.

About : Off Road Diesel

Off-Road diesel fuel is very similar, although not the same as on-road fuel. Its easy to pick out off road fuel because its dyed red to indicate that taxes have not been paid for road use. For an end user it is important to know what additives are in either fuel. Its usually necessary to be adding additives for gelling and sludge removal. Off-road does have the benefit of having higher sulfur content than on-road fuels, this is being continually reduced to improve emissions however its at the expensive of lubrication. All of these conditions can be corrected with the liberal use of fuel additives. You will be hard pressed to get a straight answer regarding off-road fuel out of any company, however no one seems to be reporting known adverse effects. 

About : Two Hydraulic Filters

Many tractors with hydrostatic transmissions have two filters for the transmission. They are actually filtering the same oil and work in the same part of the tractor. A separate filter is used specifically for the hydrostatic drive because the system works in a loop sometimes circulating as little as a half gallon of fluid at a time. The second filter ensures that this small loop does not become contaminated since it does not regularly mix with the rest of the transmission fluids.

Kubota hydraulic filters   New Holland hydraulic filters

About : Front Axle Fluids

Often times front axle housings are filled with the same fluid that the transmission is. This is perfectly acceptable as a good quality fluid is used from the factory. When changing this oil consider upgrading to an 80W-90 weight oil. This is suited best for use in heavy duty gear boxes.

80W-90 Gear Lube

When draining this oil make sure that you check for multiple drain plugs, and when filling leave time for the oils to settle down into the lower regions of the gear boxes before topping it off.

About : Fuel Treatments

Its very important to keep the fuel in your tractor properly treated and clean. Keep a close eye on the filter and consider using fuel treatment products to prevent problems.

Fuel Treatments   Kubota fuel filters   New Holland fuel filters

About : Cold Starting a Tractor


When cold starting a tractor the glow plugs can be more effective if you turn the tractor over for 2-3 seconds before warming the engine. Once this is done raise the throttle to about half to get more fuel into the engine. This helps pull more fuel into the engine just like choking does on a gas motor and will make starting easier.

Noisey hydrostatics

Hydrostatic transmissions often make noise when the hydraulic fluid is cold and stiff. To help things warm up and operate more smoothly simply put the transmission in neutral and press the hydrostatic pedal. This starts the fluids moving (even though the tractor is not). After a few minutes things should be loosened up nicely and operation should be more normal. Using a high quality transmission oil can also make a substantial difference here.

About PTO Brakes

Summary: When starting and stopping a PTO driven implement its always best to slow down the tractor and then engage or disengage. This helps take the shock off the driveline. Its particularly important on tractors that have PTO brakes. Imagine all the inertia that a rotary mower can have when spinning at full speed. Its very hard on a tractors PTO brake if it has to bring this to a stop.

Using Either

Summary: Either is often used to help start engines. Over the years we have learned that its not terribly effective. A good alternative is to crank the engine until if puffs white smoke. Then use your glow plugs and crank again. Repeat until the engine starts. The opinions expressed here are that of the individual and not that of Messick's or the companies we represent. Please consult your owners manual for the most accurate information.

Setting up a PTO Generator

Summary: PTO Generators can be an economical way to power your home in emergency situations. Capacities from 10-100KW all you to power your home, or a the whole street. When hooking up a PTO generator its very important to follow some simple safety steps to avoid a hazardous situation. If not done properly, serious damage or loss of life can occur.

When to remove a loader

Summary: Its usually best to remove the loader from a tractor when doing tasks that don't require it for use or ballast. Doing so has several benefits. It removes weight from the front tires making the tractor easier to steer, makes the tractor lighter reducing ground compaction, and greatly extends tire life when using 4WD. Most modern loader are very easy to remove and some larger machines even have quick attach buckets that can be quickly dropped off the tractor.

About : BX Air Filters

The air filter is your main line of defense against dirt and debris. It should be checked often, almost daily depending on conditions. A little known feature of many newer air cleaners is that the rubber piece on the bottom of the cap can be squeezed to release any large pieces that have collected in the trap. It is possible to try and clean air filters, we recommend not doing more than simply knocking the filter on the floor. Chemicals should not be used, nor air pressure. Its simply too easy to damage a filter and subsequently destroy the engine.

Kubota air filters   New Holland air filters

Facts about Mulching Mowers

The two things that make a mower a mulcher are the doughnut shape of the deck and the multi-pitch blade. The outer section of the blade pulls grass up and cuts it. The air currents inside the deck then keep clippings swirling around long enough to be chopped into fine pieces. Finally, the blade's inner curve creates enough air pressure to force the tiny clippings down into the turf, where they decompose.

Loader Operation Techniques

Operating A Loader

Mower deck cutting problems and solutions

Cutting Deck Problems And Solutions

Liquid Tire Ballast Chart

Chart is for a gallon of water weighting approx 8lbs per gallon. Water is not a typical tire fill. Methonal Alchol is a more common fill and weights 6.5lbs per gallon. Other fills like Calcium, Beat Juice, etc can be varying weights.