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Messick's Powerline V17 - Early Spring 2018 Promo Flyer

Messick's Powerline V17 - Early Spring 2018 Promo Flyer

Kubota B-Series Checkpoints

Kubota B-Series Adjustment and Service Checks
(pictures from B7800. Concepts apply to other B-Series Tractors)

Lubricating Grease Fittings

Apply multipurpose grease to the following places every 50 hours (or more often if you operate in a very wet or muddy location)

  1. Speed control pedal grease fitting

  2. Battery terminals

  3. Top link grease fitting

  4. Lifting rod grease fitting

Wheel Bolt Torque

Check wheel bolts regularly as follows:

  1. Front wheel nuts 57-67 ft-lbs torque

  2. Rear wheel nuts 123-141ft-lbs torque

  3. Rear wheel bolts 145-166 ft-lbs torque

Checking Fuel Lines
  1. Check that clamps are tight and check lines and clamps for deterioration

  2. Replace clamps or lines if damaged

Check fuel lines annually or after every 100 hours of use, whichever comes first.

If you are removing the fuel line, make sure to bleed the system

Adjusting Fan Belt Tension
  1. Make sure engine is off

  2. Check belt for damage, if belt is damaged, replace

  3. Apply some pressure to belt halfway between pulleys to check tension

  4. If tension is not what it should be, loosen the alternator mounting bolts and, using a lever placed between the alternator and the engine block pull the alternator out until the tension is correct

Fan Belt should have a deflection between 1/4 – 3/8” (7 – 9mm) when the belt is pressed in the middle of the span