Messick's Powerline V27 - 2020 Year End Savings

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Messick's Powerline V17 - Early Spring 2018 Promo Flyer

Messick's Powerline V17 - Early Spring 2018 Promo Flyer

New Holland Boomer 24 product walk around

This is New Holland smallest tractor in their line up and it makes a great compact tractor for the homeowner and the hobby farmer for the Homeowner and the hobby farmer. First off, there's Boomer 24 here has 24 engine horsepower.

New Holland 313 Discbine with NEW cutter bar. Shock Pro Hub and Quick Change Knife Demo.

We're here to talk about the New Holland 313 Discbine and the advantages of the new cutter bar on this machine. We're going to start discussing the features and benefits of the new cutter bar on the 313 Discbine. If you are a current owner of a New Holland Discbine, you understand that New Holland has a modular cutter bar which is an individual gear box for each hub with a spacer, another gear box and so on down the line. That is continued on the new 313 Discbine cutter bar. The biggest difference is, is the cutter bar is expanded by about 20% in size. Each component tree is bigger. We have an eight disc cutter bar.

New Holland T4.75 Powerstar Product Review

Today, I'd like to introduce to you the New Holland Power Star 4.75 tractor. This is a utility tractor in the New Holland offering. This is 75 horsepower gross engine.

New Holland Workmaster Series Tractor Overview

The Workmaster Series Tractor comes in three models, a 50, a 60 and 70 horsepower tractor. They're available in four-wheel drive, as you can see in this model, and a two-wheel drive model. They're all going to be an open station tractor. This is a great utility tractor. It's also a very economically priced tractor for what you get. You can equip it with a front end loader, like this one with be mounts on, or you can get it without that.

Mechanical Deep Dive on a New Holland Compact Track Loader

Today we're going to talk about servicing a C232 CTL loader. 

New Holland BC5060 Small Square Baler Walk Around and Review

Today, we’re going to talk about the New Holland Small Square Baler. This is a great implement for your horse farms, your smaller dairy farms, and beef farms, anyone that has to handle small square bales by hand.

New Holland FP230 Forage Harvester

We're here today to talk to you about a New Holland pull type forage harvester. The one we have here is a New Holland FP230. We want to talk about is what customers use a pull type forage harvester. Some people think it's a dying industry, because of the self propelled machines and the capabilities of them.

New Holland H7230 Discbine Walk Around

Today we're going to look at the New Holland nine and 10 foot discbines

New Holland L218 Skid Steer Walk Around

Today, we're going to look at the New Holland L218 Skid Steer Loader. This machine has many nice features beginning with the design.

Shady Internet Tractor Package Deals

It's Thursday. We're going to put three minutes on the clock down here, and answer the question for you today, why are internet package deals for tractors a bit of a scam?

How To Evaluate A Used New Holland Rolabar Hay Rake

Today, we're going to talk about a used 258 New Holland Hay Rake. and what we look at to determine value on this. The first thing when we walk up to the rake, we grab the bars, we shake them, we turn them. We make sure that bearings aren't out, we make sure the teeth aren't that bent that they rub along the bars. We do that with each every single one of these to make sure that bearings are good in it.

How To Evaluate A Used Small Square Baler

Today, we are here, we are going to talk about how we evaluate a used piece of equipment and what we look for when we go out to trade one in and the type of conditions that it is. 

Review of the New Holland RB450 Round Baler

I'd like to introduce to you to the New Holland RB-450 Round Baler. 

EZ Guide 250 Setup Part 2 - Initial Monitor Setup

We're going to set up an EZ-guide 250 here, go through some of the steps. This system is set up on the easy mode, so depending what you have, your setup, you may or may not see the buttons laid out the same as what we see here.

New Holland H7230 Discbine

We're going to start at the front of the machine here. This machine, particular one is a 540 power take-off shaft. This machine is also equipped with what we call the drawbar swivel hitch. What that is, is it's a double gearbox, it's a gearbox on the gearbox here. Once hooked to your tractor through this latch system, you are able to turn at any angle and your driveline stays centered with the machine. What that eliminates is any driveline chatter and the possible failure of your driveline from binding from turning to tight. This will let you pivot in any direction eliminating driveline failure for you in the future.

New Holland WorkMaster Safety, Operation Service

Hello, this is Brian Messick with Messick farm equipment and I'd like to introduce you to the New Holland WorkMaster 70 tractor. We will be going over three portions of this tractor. We will talk about general maintenance of the tractor, we will talk about operation of the tractor and we will talk about the safety features that this tractor has to offer.

New Holland Boomer 50 Review and Walk Around

Bryan Messick with Messick Farm Equipment, and we're here today to talk about the New Holland Boomer 50 compact tractor. This is a 50 horsepower tractor. It's mainly targeted towards our landscapers, large estate owners, and maybe even some small agricultural applications. This tractor here is a hydrostatic unit, meaning that you have a pedal for forward and reverse that you depress, it's inside the cab, but it makes it very good for loader applications because it's quick response time to go forward and reverse.

How to Operate a New Holland T7.315 CVT Transmission Tractor

Today we have a T7.315. We're going to go over some of the basic operation, getting it started, moving it forward and reverse. This is a CVT transmission so it's got some nice features for speed ranges. We'll cover those things. Let's go up in the cab and take a look at what we got. 

New Holland WorkMaster Utility Operation / How to Drive a Shuttle Shift Tractor

New Holland WorkMaster Utility Operation / How to Drive a Shuttle Shift Tractor

Tour inside the New Holland HayTools plant

right here in New Holland PA. A public tour is available.. probably one the last "real" factory tours you can take. 

New Holland Wheel Rakes

new professional grade carted wheel rakes

A peak inside the New Holland factory

Right at our backdoor, New Holland PA. There are public tours if anyone wants to take a look for themsevles. Its a great tour of actual American product being made. 

New Holland Sets Gusiness Book Record

CR9090 harvesting grain in 8 hours.

New Holland T8 Series Tractors

Messicks is now stocking New Holland T7 and T8 series tractors. Stop by to see one for yourself.

Video of T7000 Auto Command Transmission

The meat of this starts about 1:00 into the video. It gives a nice overview of how the new Auto Command CVT transmission works.

New Holland : Compact Tractor Mowing

How to cut paths through rough grass and finish mowing around the house with the New Holland Boomer 1030

Do I adjust tire air pressure when using loader?

The circumference of your tires is very important when you have a 4WD axle. Its expected that the front usually runs a bit faster than the rear to help pull the tractor though turns, however the added weight of a loader can artificially change the tire pressure and this the actual size of the tire. You can maximize the life of your driveline by setting your tire pressure under the conditions that reflect the majority of your use.

New Holland TC-Series Service

Servicing New Holland TC-Series Tractors
Pictures are of a TC31. Concepts apply to all TC-Series machines.
TC18 / TC21 / TC23 / TC24 / TC26 / TC29 / TC30 / TC31 / TC33/ TC34 / TC35 / TC40 / TC45