Kubota guide on the use of Bio fuels

KUBOTA equipment containing Engine Model Number: V3800-CR and V6108-CR. These common rail engines are not approved for B20, although approved for B5 fuel (containing 5% Biodiesel).

Applicable biodiesel fuels

  1. Blended diesel fuels containing 6% thru 20% Biodiesel fuel (B6 - B20) which comply with American Society of Testing Materials ASTM D7467-09a Standard, as revised, can be used for your KUBOTA equipment without adversely affecting the performance and durability of the engine and fuel system components.
  2. Any mineral oil diesel fuel, if used, must conform to ASTM D975-09b Standard, as revised. B100 fuel used to make Biodiesel blended fuels must meet ASTM D6751-09a Standard, as revised. The final blended fuel B20 must conform to ASTM D7467-09a Standard, as revised. Pure vegetable oil is NOT allowed in any blended fuel.

    3. Allowable blended fuel is mineral oil diesel fuel blended with B100 (i.e. 100% Biodiesel fuel). The blended fuel ratio shall be less than 20% B100 and 80% or more diesel fuel. The B100 source used for Biodiesel blends must be purchased from an accredited BQ-9000 marketer or producer. More information about qualified marketer(s) and producer(s) can be found at http://www.bq-9000.org .




Preparation of your KUBOTA product

  1. Before using Biodiesel fuel concentrations greater than B5, you are advised to replace the oil, oil filter and fuel filter with new oil and filters. For replacement procedures, refer to the Operator's Manual or contact your local KUBOTA Dealer for the correct parts for your equipment.

A User's Guide to Biodiesel Fuel (BDF) Concentrations Up To 20 % (B20)

Product Warranty, Emission and Other Precautions

  1. Your KUBOTA engine emission control system was certified according to current regulations based on the use of nonbiodiesel fuel. When using Biodiesel fuel, the owner is advised to check applicable local and federal emission regulations and comply with all of them.
  2. Biodiesel fuel may cause restricted or clogged fuel filters during cold weather conditions, resulting in the engine not operating properly.
  3. Biodiesel fuel encourages the growth of microorganisms which may cause degradation of the fuel. This in turn may cause fuel line corrosion or reduce fuel filter flow earlier than expected.
  4. Biodiesel fuel inherently absorbs moisture which may cause degradation of the fuel earlier than expected. To avoid this, drain the water separator and fuel filter port often.
  5. Do not use Biodiesel concentrations higher than 20% (i.e. greater than B20). Engine performance and fuel consumption will be affected, and degradation of the fuel system components may occur.
  6. Do not readjust the engine fuel control system as this will violate emission control levels for which the equipment was approved.
  7. Unlike soybean-based and rapeseed-based feedstock, palm oil-based feedstock is less fluid at low temperatures. Consequently, fuel filter performance may be reduced, particularly during cold weather conditions.
  8. The KUBOTA Warranty, as specified in the Owner's Warranty Information Guide, only covers defects in product materials and workmanship for KUBOTA approved products. Accordingly, any problems that may arise due to the use of poor quality fuels that fail to meet the above requirements, whether biodiesel or mineral oil based, are not covered by the KUBOTA Warranty.

Routine handling

  1. Avoid spilling Biodiesel fuel onto painted surfaces as this may damage the finish. If fuel is spilled immediately wipe clean and flush with soapy water to avoid permanent damage.
  2. When using Biodiesel fuel, you are advised to maintain a full tank of fuel, especially overnight and during short term storage, to reduce condensation within the tank. Be sure to tighten the fuel cap after refueling to prevent moisture build up within the tank. Water in the Biodiesel mixture will damage fuel filters and may damage engine components.

Maintenance Requirements when using Biodiesel fuel B6 thru B20

  1. Replace the fuel hoses with new KUBOTA approved hoses at one half (1/2) the suggested replacement intervals as listed in the Operator's Manual. For Example: If the suggested interval is 100 hours to replace fuel hoses, then replace at 50 hours.
  2. Replace the fuel filters with new KUBOTA approved filters at one half (1/2) the suggested replacement interval as listed in the Operator's Manual.
  3. When using Biodiesel for the first time in your KUBOTA equipment, replace the engine oil with new KUBOTA approved oil and filter and follow the service requirements listed in the Operator's Manual.

Long Term Storage

  1. Biodiesel fuel easily deteriorates due to oxygen, water, heat and foreign substances. Do not store B6 thru B20 longer than one (1) month and B5 longer than three (3) months.
  2. When using B6 thru B20 and storing the machine longer than one (1) month, drain the fuel from the tanks and replace with light mineral oil diesel fuel. Subsequently, run the engine at least thirty (30) minutes to remove all of the Biodiesel from the fuel lines.
  3. When using B5 fuel and storing machine longer than three (3) months, drain the fuel from the tanks and replace with light mineral oil diesel fuel. Subsequently, run the engine at least thirty (30) minutes to remove all of the Biodiesel from the fuel lines.