MTD model numbering system

The MTD numbering system is based on a 6 digit number. Private label or customer model number are 9 digits.
The last three numbers (customer designation) indicate that something is different from the basic MTD
number designated by the first 6 digits. The difference may only be a label or color or it may have different
wheels, handled shrouds, etc. Generally, the push and self-propelled mowers have more variations than the
lawn tractors, garden tractors and tillers.

Example of an MTD number 123-294A
Example of a Customer Number 123-294-100A


The 1 is the general category of lawn mowers that includes push, self propelled, riders (lawn tractors) and garden tractors.

The second digit shows the type of equipment.
1. Push 5. Reel
2. Self-Propelled 8. Electric (12V and 110V)
3. Rider (Lawn Tractor) 9. Accessories
4. Garden Tractor

The third digit shows the year of the manufacture.
3 - 1983
2 - 1982
1 - 1981
0 - 1980
9 - 1979
8 - 1978


The A indicates the decade because the numbering system repeats every 10 years. This letter is only found on the
model plate and owner's manual.
No Letter - 1964 to 1973
A - 1974-1983
000 - 1984 to Present

In 1984 because of computer programming the letter code was dropped and "000" was added. The "000" has been used
from 1984 to present and designates that the unit is a standard MTD unit.

The 294 stands for the model number.