Raven: KIT EPRO II W/MB, Part # 117-5010-001W


Part Number 117-5010-001W
Vendor Raven
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Classification Precision Farming - Raven
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Seamless operation. Envizio Pro II is the driving force for all system functions. From integrated GPS technology, advanced data mapping and record keeping to dual product control, boom management, assisted steering and planter controls, Envizio Pro II works seamlessly to deliver greater efficiency and performance. Doing more with less. With the latest in advanced computer software and RTK technology, Envizio Pro II brings a new level of accuracy and control to virtually every production area. That means greater savings in farm inputs with more efficiency and productivity from planting to harvest. Intelligently designed. Envizio Pro II is designed with the flexibility to accommodate your immediate needs—and let you grow your system capabilities when conditions change and the time is right. Compatible with commonly used industry software and equipment. Hardware Specs: •Display: 6.5” diagonal measure, 256 color, 480x640 resolution sunlight readable LCD •Touch screen: 6.5” 5-wire resistive technology touch screen •Operating System: Microsoft Windows CE •Processor: 32-bit 800 Mhz Intel Celeron M processor •Memory: 256 MB RAM, 512 MB internal storage •Integrated DGPS sub-meter receiver, SBAS correction standard, e-Dif optional •Available without internal DGPS receiver •4 USB data transfer ports •Input/Output: 2 CANbus 2.0B, 3 serial RS232, Ethernet, DGPS output •Enclosure: Engineered thermoplastic ABS/Polycarbonate blend with high impact and chemical resistance properties •Voltage Range: 9V to 32VDC reverse polarity protected •Temperature: -20C to +50C •Dimensions: 8.4” W x 6.3” H X 3.3”D (213mm x 160mm x 84 mm) •Weight: 3.5 lbs (1.59 Kg)