Kubota: CAP, RUBBER, Part # 34159-34290


Part Number 34159-34290
Vendor Kubota
Messick's Price $7.73
Stock Quantity 1
Weight 0.00 lbs
Days to Order In stock
The part fits the 99 models listed below:
B5100D-P (4wd)
B5100E-P (2wd)
B6100D-P (4wd)
B6100E-P (2wd)
B6200D (4wd)
B6200E (2wd)
B7100D-P (4wd)
B7100HST-D OLD TYPE <=S / N60163 (Hydrostatic Transmission, 4wd)
B7100HST-E OLD TYPE <=S / N20024 (Hydrostatic Transmission, 2wd)
B7200D (4wd)
L175 - 200000 HOOD
L175 - 210000 SEAT FENDER [A]
L185DT (Dual Traction 4wd)
L185F (2wd)
L2050DT (Dual Traction 4wd)
L2050F (2wd)
L225 - 170000 HOOD
L225 - 180000 SEAT FENDER
L225DT - 420000 HOOD
L225DT - 430000 SEAT FENDER
L225DT (Dual Traction 4wd) - 420000 HOOD
L225DT (Dual Traction 4wd) - 430000 SEAT FENDER
L2350DT (Dual Traction 4wd)
L2350F (2wd)
L245DT (Dual Traction 4wd)
L245F (2wd)
L245H (High clearance)
L295DT (Dual Traction 4wd) - T10001 FENDER
L295DT (Dual Traction 4wd) - T10002 FENDR
L295F (2wd) - T10001 FENDER
L295F (2wd) - T10002 FENDR
L305DT (Dual Traction 4wd)
L305F (2wd)
L3430DT / GST / HST(C) (Dual Traction, 4wd / Glide Shift Transmission / Hydrostatic Transmission)
L345DT (Dual Traction 4wd)
L3600DT-GST-C (Glide shift transmission, 4wd / Cab)
L3710DT-HST-C (Cab)
L4200DT-C (Dual Traction 4wd, Cab)
L4200DT-GST-C (Glide shift transmission, 4wd / Cab)
L4200F-C (2wd, Cab)
L4310DT-GST-C / HST-C (4wd, Cab)
L4330DT / GST / HST(C) (Dual Traction, 4wd / Glide Shift Transmission / Hydrostatic Transmission)
L4610DT-HST-C (Hydrostatic Transmission, 4wd / Cab)
L4630DT / GST(C) / HST (Dual Traction, 4wd / Glide Shift Transmission / Hydrostatic Transmission)
L5030GST / HST(C) (Glide Shift Transmission / Hydrostatic Transmission)
M4030DT (Dual Traction, 4wd)
M4030SU (Special Utility, 2wd)
M4030SU-TF (Special Utility, 2wd / Turf special)
M4050 (2wd)
M4050DT (Dual Traction, 4wd)
M4500 (2wd)
M4500DT (Dual Traction, 4wd)
M4950 (2wd)
M4950-S (Synchro-shuttle, 2wd)
M4950DT (Dual Traction, 4wd)
M4950DT-S (Synchro-shuttle, 4wd)
M5030 (2wd)
M5030DT (Dual Traction, 4wd)
M5030SU (Special Utility, 2wd)
M5030SUMDT (Special Utility, Mechanical shuttle, 4wd)
M5500DT (Dual Traction, 4wd)
M5950 (2wd / Rops)
M5950-S (Synchro-shuttle, 2wd)
M5950DT (Dual Traction, 4wd / Rops)
M5950DT-S (Synchro-shuttle, 4wd)
M6030 (2wd)
M6030DT (Dual Traction, 4wd)
M6030DT-N (Dual Traction, 4wd / Narrow)
M6030DT-N-B (Dual Traction, 4wd / Narrow wheel with Bi-speed turn)
M6950 (2wd / Rops)
M6950-S (Synchro-shuttle, 2wd)
M6950DT (Dual Traction, 4wd / Rops)
M6950DT-S (Synchro-shuttle, 4wd)
M6970DT (Dual Traction, 4wd)
M7030 (2wd)
M7030-N (2wd, Narrow)
M7030DT (Dual Traction, 4wd)
M7030DT-N-B (Dual Traction, 4wd / Narrow wheel with Bi-speed turn)
M7030SU (Special Utility, 2wd)
M7030SUDT (Special Utility, 4wd)
M7500 (2wd)
M7500DT (Dual Traction, 4wd)
M7950 (2wd / Rops)
M7950-H (2wd, rops)
M7950-S (Synchro-shuttle, 2wd)
M7950-W (Wide row)
M7950DT (Dual Traction, 4wd / Rops)
M7950DT-MUDDER (Dual Traction, 4wd / Muddler)
M7950DT-S (Synchro-shuttle, 4wd)
M7970DT (Dual Traction, 4wd)
M8030 (2wd)
M8030DT (Dual Traction, 4wd)
M8950-S (Synchro-shuttle, 2wd)
M8950DT-S (Synchro-shuttle, 4wd)
M8970DT (Dual Traction, 4wd)

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