Kubota: HANDLE, Part # 34670-29440

Kubota: HANDLE

Part Number 34670-29440
Vendor Kubota
Messick's Price $22.06
Stock Quantity 2
Weight 0.40 lbs
Days to Order In stock
Replaces 31351-29440
The part fits the 92 models listed below:
B1550D (4wd)
B1550E (2wd)
B1550HST-D (Hydrostatic Transmission, 4wd)
B1550HST-E (Hydrostatic Transmission, 2wd)
B1750D (4wd)
B1750E (2wd)
B1750HST-D (Hydrostatic Transmission, 4wd)
B1750HST-E (Hydrostatic Transmission, 2wd)
B2150D (4wd)
B2150E (2wd)
B2150HSD (Hydrostatic Transmission, 4wd)
B2150HSE (Hydrostatic Transmission, 2wd)
B4200D (4wd)
B5200D (4wd)
B5200E (2wd)
F2560 (4wd)
F2560E (2wd)
KX121-3 (SN : 20000-29999)
KX121-3S (SN : 30000-69999 / Super Series)
KX121-3ST (SN : 70000- / Super Series / Tier 4)
KX161-3 (SN : 20000-29999)
KX161-3S (SN : 30000-69999 / Super Series)
KX161-3ST (SN : 70000- / Super Series / Tier 4)
L2350DT (Dual Traction 4wd)
L2350F (2wd)
L2500DT (Dual Traction 4wd)
L2500F (2wd)
L2600DT (Dual Traction 4wd)
L2600F (2wd)
L2900DT (Dual Traction 4wd)
L2900DT-GST (Glide shift transmission, 4wd)
L2900F (2wd)
L3000DT (Dual Traction 4wd)
L3000F (2wd)
L3300DT (Dual Traction 4wd)
L3300DT-GST (Glide shift transmission, 4wd)
L3300F (2wd)
L3600DT (Dual Traction 4wd, Rops)
L3600DT-GST (Glide shift transmission, 4wd / Rops)
L4200DT (Dual Traction 4wd, Rops)
L4200DT-GST (Glide shift transmission, 4wd / Rops)
L4200F (2wd , Rops)
L4200F-GST (Glide shift transmission, 2wd)
L4300DT (Dual Traction 4wd) - L21001 FENDER [A] [CA]
L4300DT (Dual Traction 4wd) - L21002 FENDER [AU]
L4300F (2wd) - L21001 FENDER [A] [CA]
L4300F (2wd) - L21002 FENDER [AU]
L4350DT (Dual Traction 4wd)
L4850DT (Dual Traction 4wd)
L5450DT (Dual Traction 4wd)
M4700 (2wd)
M4700DT (Dual Traction, 4wd)
M4800SU-F (Special utility 2wd)
M4800SUD-F (Special utility 4wd)
M4900 (2wd / Rops)
M4900DT (4wd / Rops)
M4900SU (Special utility 2wd) - M22001 FENDER [RIGID ROPS TYPE]
M4900SU (Special utility 2wd) - M22002 FENDER [FOLDABLE ROPS TYPE]
M4900SUDT (Special utility 4wd) - M22001 FENDER [RIGID ROPS TYPE]
M4900SUDT (Special utility 4wd) - M22002 FENDER [FOLDABLE ROPS TYPE]
M5400 (2wd)
M5400DT (Dual Traction, 4wd)
M5700 (2wd / Rops)
M5700DT (Dual traction 4wd / Rops)
M5700HD (Hydraulic Shuttle, 4wd / Rops)
M6800 / M6800S (2wd / Rops) - M22001 FENDER [A] [ROPS TYPE]
M6800 / M6800S (2wd / Rops) - M22002 FENDER [CA] [ROPS TYPE]
M6800DT / M6800SDT (Dual traction 4wd / Rops) - M22001 FENDER [A] [ROPS TYPE]
M6800DT / M6800SDT (Dual traction 4wd / Rops) - M22002 FENDER [CA] [ROPS TYPE]
M6800HD (Hydraulic Shuttle, 4wd / Rops)
M7580DT (Dual Traction, 4wd / Rops)
M8200 (2wd / Rops)
M8200DT (4wd / Rops) - M22001 FENDER [A]
M8200DT (4wd / Rops) - M22002 FENDER [CA]
M8200HD (Hydraulic Shuttle, 4wd / Rops)
M8580DT (Dual Traction, 4wd / Rops)
M9000 (2wd / Rops)
M9000DT (4wd / Rops) - M22001 FENDER [A]
M9000DT (4wd / Rops) - M22002 FENDER [CA]
M9000DTM (4wd / Rops / Muddler)
M9000HD (Hydraulic Shuttle, 4wd / Rops)
M9580DT (Dual Traction, 4wd / Rops) - T19501 FENDER
M9580DT (Dual Traction, 4wd / Rops) - T19502 FENDER
U45S (SN : 30000-69999 / Super Series)
U45ST (SN : 70000- / Super Series / Tier 4)

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