Outback: Outback MAX Guid, Part # 910-4003-000

Outback: Outback MAX Guid

Part Number 910-4003-000
Vendor Outback
Messick's Price $4,995.00
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Classification Precision Farming - Outback
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Days to Order 3-5 business days
Outback MAX™ with Outback ConnX™ — introducing the next generation Outback Guidance® system that redefines simplicity in precision farming. Outback MAX leads the way with simplicity in design and operation, a powerful mapping engine, excellent screen clarity, seamless connectivity, and a rugged design that can operate in rough environments—features that are critical to achieving the benefits of precision farming. What makes MAX the smart choice for you and your business? It’s compatible with eDriveX™ with eTurns™ - taking advantage of the most precise and feature rich automated steering available. It has excellent screen clarity and rugged design that can operate in rough environments Provides a powerful mapping engine that stacks imagery and data layers Delivers seamless connectivity via the Outback ConnX data management system to deliver real-time data access and management The integrated display terminal provides a full array of features including section and variable rate control, Eclipse™ L1/L2 GPS and GLONASS guidance, and video support for up to 4 monitoring cameras Over 550 models of farm machinery are supported with custom-designed steering installation kits and model-specific, step-by-step installation instructions. Existing eDriveX users can upgrade capabilities without having to buy and install a completely new system.