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WR Long  >   Kubota Tractor Accessories  >   CR10

WR Long #CR10 Comfort Ride Accumulator Kit - 20-60HP


Usually ships in 25-30 business days

Weight: 10.00 lbs

The Long Comfort Ride is designed to reduce the up and down jolting motion of your loader when riding over uneven surfaces. Two nitrogen charged accumulators are connected to the lift cylinders of your loader which helps dampen the ride. This also helps to reduce the stress imposed on your tractor from the loader. The kit includes two pre charged accumulators, mounting bracket, ball valve, adaptors, and hose.  The accumulators are pre charged with different pressures to help give a smoother ride when the bucket is either empty or loaded. Opening the ball valve engages the Comfort Ride and when the ball valve is disengaged the loader returns to the normal operation.  Kit uses 3/8" hose.


  • Two nitrogen charged accumulators are included. One for lighter loads and the other for heavier loads.
  • Helps dampen the up and down jolting motion of your loader.
  • Kit includes two Accumulators, Ball Valve, Bracket, Hose, Fittings, and hardward.
  • By reducing the jolting action, the stress imposed on your tractor from your loader is reduced.
  • Ball Valve included so that the system can be engaged or disengaged.
  • This CR10 kit is for tractors up to 60 hp.

Installation Tips

Unrated (3 hours)
self tapping screws included in the kit worked great. I mounted it on a l tractor which has 1/2" hydraulic line sot 1/4" running tee included in the kit won't work. Get a 1/2" running tee (female on one end) and a 1/2" to 1/4" reducer. I had a 1/2" female fitting put on one end of the hydraulic line provide in the kit.
North Bennington, VT

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