Orange Aftermarket: UNIVERSAL BOLT-ON BUCKET HOOK(Sold as a single Hook), Part # RS-BXHKF

Orange Aftermarket: UNIVERSAL BOLT-ON BUCKET HOOK(Sold as a single Hook)

Part Number RS-BXHKF
Vendor Orange Aftermarket
Messick's Price $66.99
Stock Quantity 8
Classification Kubota Tractor Accessories
Weight 8.00 lbs
Days to Order In stock

The Abolt-on bucket hooks were designed specifically to work with the factory Kubota dirt bucket. Since Kubota uses a reverse rolled lip at the top of their bucket we needed to shim the bolt-on bucket hooks up and inch to get it high enough for the hooks to be useable. So we came up with the perfect solution to fix that problem while opening up other options and flexibility for the bolt-on bucket hooks as well. We use high strength 1" HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic spacer that we cut on our waterjet. They match the mounting plate but add slotted hole to these to allow you to use them in the center position of the bucket without having issues with the extra reinforcing plate Kubota uses at the center of the bucket for the roll back cylinder.

By using this spacer design it allows us to make one style of Bolt-on bucket hook and for the factory bucket, it also give you the flexibility to first off, not have to use a weld-on hook for the bucket. Most people don’t want to grind on their bucket and or don’t have access to a welder. This also gives us the ability to reverse the use of the bolt-on bucket hooks. You can have the hooks at the top of the bucket and keep the D-ring on the inside of the bucket. But maybe you need come across a situation that the D-ring at the top would be the better option or you need the hook on the inside of the bucket. With this design, you have that flexibility to do this.

  • NOTE: Sold by the piece.  Bucket can hold up to 3.
  • Length: 3"
  • Finish: Durable powder coated finish in dark grey
  • Construction: D-Ring
  • 3lbs per piece.

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