Competitive Comparisons

We feel strongly that Messick's and our vendors can stand on our own without having to talk down competitors. That said, equipment shoppers seem hungry for competitive comparisons done from a more objective perspective.

Treadle pedal VS. Twin touch pedal

We're going to have a short talk about one of the most decisive topics in the tractor community; twin touch pedals versus a treadle pedal.

John Deere 1-Series vs Kubota BX

John Deere 1-Series vs Kubota BX

Mahindra 4550 Competitive Comparison

Tractors have improved and come a long way in the last 50 years. Somehow this thing has been stuck in its own little time capsule and not progressed with the rest of the industry.

John Deere 4M Series vs. Kubota MX Compact Utility Tractors

To start, we're going to look exactly what tractor we're comparing to. In the case of this machine over here, this is John Deere 4052M. A 52 horsepower economy version of this tractor.If we work through the options that Deere uses to compare on to the Kubota tractor, you'll notice that they compare this 4052 to a Kubota 4760. I'm giving themselves a small edge in horsepower, but picking a transmission that's actually a lot more simplistic than the Kubota equipment. You won't find those differences if you work your way down through the spec sheet.

Kubota BX vs John Deere 1-Series

Kubota often takes a conservative stance when it comes to comparing to other products. They stepped out a bit with this video, and did a great job of point out actual factual differences.