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Hour Meter Reading: Check or Change at Every Interval Shown Below
Check Point 50 200 400 Interval Capacity
Engine Oil x x x 200 3.3 qts
Engine OIl Filter x x x 200
Transmission Oil x 400 16 qts
Transmission Oil Filter x x 400
HST Filter x x x 200
Fuel Filter x 400
Air Filter Outter Yearly
Air Fitler Inner Yearly
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Q: Where is my serial number
Right Hand side of the front frame
answered by mwi on 10/29/2013
Loader install
Steps to install the loader on a Kubota LA243 Front End Loader
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With a variety of performance-matched attachments, tackling multiple jobs is what the B2601 does best. Consider any task done with the power of a 26 HP Kubota diesel engine, upgraded category I 3-point hitch, hydraulic independent PTO and telescoping stabilizers for efficient implement attachment.

23 HP/26HP liquid-cooled diesel engines, with Kubota's E-TVCS (three-vortex combustion system), offers tremendous power, high torque, cleaner emissions, and low noise and low vibration.
3-Range HST
Our proven hydrostatic transmission provides the B-01 Series with smooth shifting and powerful performance for heavy-duty loader applications. With an increased maximum speed and three range shift-speeds (Low/Med/High), the B2301/2601 models let you find the right speed to suit your task.
Powerful Category I, 3-point hitch
The 3-point hitch accepts a variety of implements for all of your varying needs. Robust and versatile, the hitch can handle rotary tillers, box blades, finishing mowers, and more.
Hydraulic Independent PTO
The independent PTO keeps stopping to a minimum. Stay productive by engaging and disengaging PTO without ever having to engage the clutch to stop the tractor.
Telescoping Stabilizers
Attaching and detaching rear implements has never been simpler. The horizontal sway of the implement is easily adjusted by aligning and setting the pin in the proper hole.
Factory Rear Remote Control Valve Kit (optional)
The B-01 Series offers two optional, rear remote control valves to allow acceptance of more rear implements.
One-Piece Metal Hood
The front grill and newly designed headlights are integrated with the hood for easier opening and closing, plus the hood provides more convenient access to the engine.

Pedal Layout


To afford easier and more comfortable use of the HST pedal, the brake pedals have been relocated to the driver's left side.

Position Control


To easily adjust the height of implements, the 3-point hitch can be raised or lowered with the e-point position control, while turning the hydraulic motor.

Lever Guides
The B-01 Series features large, angled lever guides. Control lever recognition and operation is simple, intuitive, and hassle-free even for novice operators.
Expansive Operator Platform
Thanks to a large, ISO-mounted flat deck, the operator enjoys plenty of legroom and a wider step area for easier mounting and dismounting. Widely spaced fenders also contribute to a comfortable, spacious environment.

High-Back Seat

To make your ride comfortable no matter the conditions, the new high-back seat is specifically designed to absorb shock, reducing operator fatique. For added comfort, armrests are standard equipment.

Tilt-Steering Wheel

The steering wheel tilts by the easy-step pedal to improve steering comfort.

Tool Box


For easy access, a large toolbox is located directly behind the operator's seat.

12V Socket

Charge your cell phone or other electronic devices with the 12-volt socket.