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Hour Meter Reading: Check or Change at Every Interval Shown Below
Check Point 100 200 300 400 Interval hrs Capacity
Engine oil x x x x 100 1.9 qts
Engine Oil filter x x x x 100
Transmission oil x x 400 5.1 qts
Transmission filter x x 400
Fuel Filter-check/replace x x x x 100
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Kubota Kommander - Owner Review
Owner Review on the Kommander
Kommander Advantages
Kubota Kommander Advantages
Kubota Z100 Features
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Powerful Engines
Power defines the Kommander's hardworking
engines. Whatever the mowing job, you can
count on the Kommander to deliver power when
you need it.
Rugged Transmission
The low-maintenance, integrated design delivers
outstanding power and operational efficiency to
the wheels and mower deck.
Deep Welded Mower Deck
This 10 gauge steel, welded mower deck provides outstanding, professional-level cutting performance. If you're a homeowner who wants the best-this mower deck is for you.
Smooth Lever Operation
Dual operation levers provide the smooth, precise control you'll need for delicate trimming and work around trees and flowerbeds.

Standard ROPS
For Safety and peace of mind, all Kommander mowers are equipped with a full-height ROPS.
4 Storage Boxes
For your tools, lunch and anything else too big or heavy for your pockets.
K-Lift: Mechanical One Push Deck Lift Pedal (E/S models only)
The K-Lift pedal makes adjusting the cutting height simple.
1- Push and release the pedal to raise the deck.
2- Use the dial to adjust the cutting height.
3- Push and release the pedal again to lower the deck.
Slide Seat
The seat slides a full 6" on E-model and S-model (4" on R-model) forward and back, letting you find just the right position for maximum personal comfort. This high back seat will keep you comfortable even on those extra-long mowing jobs.
Wide Foot Pan
There's plenty of legroom up front, thanks to a wide foot pan. It also makes entry and exit a snap.
Cup Holders
Keep your drink cup or tumbler always handy in the integrated cup holders.
LED Headlights
Standard on the S-model and optional on the E-model and R-model , the bright LED headlight lets you continue mowing in low light conditions.
1/4" Increment Cutting Height Adjustment
A simple twist of a dial lets you adjust the cutting height in precise 1/4" increments.
Ergonomic Control Layout
All controls and indicators are neatly placed for quick, easy, user-friendly access.
Ultracaper Z Rear Tires
Big tires mean a softer ride. And these wide-tread tires provide better traction and weight distribution to help protect the lawn.
Hitch Kit
The hitch kit is standard on Kommander E & S models and is available as an option for the Z122R-42.