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2 Spool Hydraulic Control Valve & Related Parts (Dukes Fluid Power) Obsolete? Replaced By 25H43938 Valve
2 Spool Hydraulic Valve - Dukes Fluid Power
Basic Hydraulics
Bracket Bundle P/N 24H41224 (Allis Chalmers 5030)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H41179 (For Kubota L2250, L2250 DT FWA, L2550, L2550 DT FWA, L2650, L2650 FWA, L2850, L2850 DT FWA, L2950, L2950 FWA, L3250, L3250 DT FWA, L3450, L3450 FWA, L3650, L3650 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H41183 (Kubota L345, L345 DT)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H41219 (John Deere 950, 950 FWA, 1050, 1050 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H41220 (Ford 1900, 1900 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H41221 (Ford 1910, 1910FWA, 2110, 2110 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H41222 (Kubota L305, L305 DT)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H41223 (Kubota L275, L235)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H41225 (Massey Ferguson 1030, 1030 FWA (Pre 1987 Models)) See kit 24H42015 for tractor applications 1987 and later.
Bracket Kit P/N 24H41302 (Massey Ferguson 1040, 1040 FWA, 1045, 1045 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H41382 (International 284, 284 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H41416 (Deutz-Allis 5230, 5230 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H41663 (White 37, 37 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H41743 (White 31, 31 FWA; Bolens G272, G274)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H42015 (Massey Ferguson 1030, 1030 FWA (1987 AND LATER) 1035, 1035 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H42047 (Ford 1510, 1510 FWA, 1710, 1710 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H42100 (Kioti LB 2204 FWA, LB 2202)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H42187 (Case / International 275, 275 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H42190 (John Deere 850, 850 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H42394 (Ford 1720, 1720 FWA) (This kit has been obsoleted and replaced by 24H47255 bracket kit)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H42571 (Ford 1920, 1920 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H43126 (Kubota L2050, L2050 FWA, L2350, L2350 FWA) Note: This kit is obsolete ? replaced by 24H49194 bracket kit.
Bracket Kit P/N 24H43247 (For Belarus 250 AS, 300)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H43338 (IMT 539)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H43339 (IMT 542)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H43470 (Ford 2120, 2120 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H43542 (John Deere 870 2WD, 870 FWA, 970 2WD, 970 FWA, 1070 2WD, 1070 FWA, 990 2WD, 990 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H44218 (For Case / International 1130 2WD,1130 FWA,1140 2WD,1140 FWA; Cub Cadet 7232 2WD, 7233 2WD, 7234 FWA, 7235 FWA, 7260 FWA, 7265 FWA, 7272 2WD, 7273 2WD, 7274 FWA, 7275 FWA, 7300 FWA, 7305 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H45204 (For Massey Ferguson 1160 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H45297 (For Ford 1920, 1920 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H45723 (For International 354, 364, 384)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H46493 (For Kubota L2900, L2900 FWA, L3300, L3300 FWA) NOTE: This kit has been obsoleted.
Bracket Kit P/N 24H46498 (For Kubota L3600 FWA, L4200, L4200 FWA; Obsolete ? Replaced By 24H48175 Bracket Kit
Bracket Kit P/N 24H46640 (For Kioti LB2214, LB2614)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H46768 (For Belarus 310)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H47255 (For Ford 1720, 1720 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H48175 (For Kubota L3600 FWA, L3710 FWA, L4200 2WD, L4200 FWA, L4310 2WD, L4310 FWA)
Bracket Kit P/N 24H49006 (For Kubota L2900 2WD, L2900 FWA, L3010 2WD, L3010 FWA, L3300 2WD, L3300 FWA, L3410 FWA)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H42233 (Kubota L235, L275, L305, L345, L355)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H42239 (Ford 1900 With Draft Control)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H42246 (Ford 1900 W/O Draft Control)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H42249 (John Deere 850, 950)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H42253 (Case-International 284)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H42257 (Allis Chalmers 5030)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H42269 (John Deere 750, 850 S/N 9000 & Later, 950 S/N 1200 & Later; Yanmar 1050)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H42273 (Ford 1110, 1210, 1310, 1710, 1910, 2110)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H42299 (Kubota L2250, L2550, L2850)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H42306 (Deutz-Allis 5220, 5230)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H43853 (For Ford 1720, 1920)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H43861 (For Kubota L2050, L2350, L2500, L2600) (Without power steering)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H44011 (For Case/I.H. 275)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H44020 (For IMT 539)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H44112 (For Kubota L245, L235, L275, L305, L345)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H44126 (For Kubota L2850, L3250)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H44152 (For Massey Ferguson 1040)
Hydraulic Adaptor Kit P/N 24H44684 (For Kubota L2050, L2350, L2500, L2600, L3000) (With Power Steering)
Hydraulic Cylinder P/N 24H41202 (Ogniebne & Hol-Mac) 1 3/4? Bore X 19 1/4? Stroke, 1 1/4? Rod Dia., 9/16? ? 18 SAE ORB Ports (Replaced By 25H48747 Hydraulic Cylinder)
Hydraulic Cylinder P/N 25H48747 1-3/4? Bore x 19-1/4? Stroke, 1-1/4? Rod Dia., 9/16? ? 18 UNF SAE O-Ring Ports (Mfd. by Hol-Mac)
Mainframe & Related Parts
Material Buckets
Remote Valve & Related Parts (Replaced By 24H43941 Kit)
Remote Valve And Hose Kit & Related Parts P/N 24H43941(Obsolete)
Remote Valve Kit P/N 24H43319 (For Belarus 250AS, 300, 310) NOTE: This kit has been obsoleted and replaced by 24H48145 remote valve kit.
Single Handle Control - Obsolete
Single Handle Control Kit P/N 25H43940
Subframe And Related Parts
Valve Stand Kit P/N 24H49979 (For Walvoil Valve)
Walvoil Valve Assembly P/N 25H49978 (Walvoil #502020001)
Walvoil Valve Assembly P/N 25H49978 (Walvoil #502020018)
Weight And Mount
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