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After a long wait, Kubota has just launched their own internet based parts catalogs. These catalogs are for information only, and lack the pricing, pictures, and availability we try to offer our customers. Kubota will not allow direct integration with our website, so we've developed some simple directions to bring part numbers over to

If you need common items like filters, blades, and consumables it is easier to find these items in our quick reference lookup than it is to dig though the parts catalogs.

For small, simple orders
  1. Click here to visit the Kubota Website and find your parts
  2. Find the parts, and note them in some manner
  3. Once you have collected the numbers, type them into the box below one at a time.
  4. Clicking Submit will add them to your Messicks cart.
Part Number 

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"Messicks PDF"
We're able to email you any diagrams you may need for a repair. Select your series, model and section below and we'll send you a specially enhanced PDF file showing our stock levels, pricing, and links for easy ordering.

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    For larger orders (requires more computer skill)
    1. Click here to visit the Kubota Website and find your parts
    2. Add them to the Kubota picklist
    3. From the picklist, click CSV output
    4. Save the file to your computer
    5. Upload the file to Messicks
      1. Click 'Browse' or 'Choose File' below and find the CSV file you saved.
      2. Click 'Submit' to upload the file.
    6. The parts will appear in your Messicks Cart with prices, pictures, etc.

    (click for instructional video)