Used Tee Jet Tilt Comp (78-08038)


USED - Tilt Compensation Module . Your GPS antenna is mounted 12 feet (4 meters) above the ground, a 10% side slope can cause 2 feet (.6m) of position error. The new Tilt Compensation Module corrects GPS position errors caused by side-slope conditions. Mounted to a solid structure on your vehicle, the Tilt Compensation Module will intercept GPS signals from your receiver and provide corrected position data to your guidance device. n Diagnostic LEDs indicate status of TCM (power status, operating status, and status of incoming GPS data). n Weatherproof electrical connector for trouble-free operation. - Mounting holes built into housing. - Automatically detects GPS sensor baud rate and adjusts output accordingly. - Compatible with Swath XL, GuideLine, CenterLine, and Legacy 6000 guidance systems.Comes with cable to connect it to guidance system p/n 45-05442 Contact Tom Wagner With questions. 717-361-1931

Status: Available

Store: Elizabethtown

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