More Tractor for Your Money: New Holland T1500 at Messick's

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The T1510 features several standard feature upgrades compared to the TC30 model it replaces, including a foldable ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) for height restrictions or special work, two-position extendable drawbar and a fender-mounted cup holder.

 Manual or hydrostatic transmission
The T1510 is a dependable workhorse that can be equipped with a three-range hydrostatic transmission or 9x3 gear transmission. With the hydrostatic transmission, the operator chooses the appropriate range and a single foot pedal allows the operator to change speed and direction with no shifting or clutching required. It makes it easy to maneuver while mowing, loading or blowing snow.
 The 9 x 3 mechanical transmission offers three ranges for more gear choices than the transmissions found on many competitive tractors. This provides greater flexibility in working speeds.

Hefty lift capacity
An impressive 3-point hitch lifting capacity of 1,635 pounds is double the lift capacity of some competitive tractors of this size. This hefty lift capacity allows the T1510 to handle heavier, wider implements with ease. Generous hydraulic flow provides fast cycle times and plenty of flow to operate a loader, blade or other hydraulically powered implements.  A wide range of implements expands the versatility of the T1510.

New Holland is a world leader in agricultural, utility and construction equipment. New Holland sells and services an innovative and diverse line of agricultural and utility equipment, including a full line of tractors as well as hay and forage equipment, harvesting, crop production and material handling equipment.

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