600 cubic feet, vertical beaters, guillotine gate, large 710/70-38 single flotation tires, 17 ton capacity, lifetime chain warranty, automatic activated hydraulic light kit, yellow

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The Nitro Manure Spreader represents a new generation of vertical beater manure spreaders. Feature-loaded, the Nitro spreads manure evenly and efficiently. The variable speed, hydraulically driven apron chain feeds fast-moving vertical beaters that 'bite' the load and throw it into the field with remarkable consistency, ensuring a finely spread application every time.

All equipment is sold subject to mutual agreement that it is warranted at M K Martin Inc to be free of any defects of material and workmanship. Th e company shall not be liable for special, indirect consequential damage of any kind under this contract or otherwise. Th e company’s liability shall be limited exclusively to replacement or repair without charge at it’s factory or elsewhere, at it’s discretion, any materials or defects, which become apparent within one year from the date of purchase. In no event shall MK Martin Enterprise Inc. be liable for special, direct, or incidental or consequential damages of any kind. Th e purchaser by acceptance of the equipment will assume all liability for damage which may result from use or misuse by the employees or others. Th e purchaser shall maintain and service the equipment as recommended in the Operator’s Manual. Th is warranty does not cover Rental/Commercial or Rental use of the equipment. Th is equipment is rated as agricultural. For Rental/Commercial or Industrial use, Warranty is for defective material and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. Warranty is null and void unless the Warranty Registration from has beens completed and on file at MK Martin Enterprise Inc.

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A commercial delivery is a business with 8-5 hours and equipment to unload a tractor trailer truck. Job sites, churches & remote locations are not considered commercial addresses. (Fedex Freight does consider a farm commercial). Commercial carriers will not always call ahead to tell you when a delivery will be made. If you would like the commercial rate, but do not meet the requirements for a commercial delivery you can pickup your shipment from the local freight terminal where they will help you load.

A residential delivery still assumes you have the ability to unload the shipment from a 4' high tractor trailer truck. If you require a lift gate to lower the shipment to the ground an additional $50-125 charge applies for the carrier to send a truck with a lift gate to lower the crate.

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