Limited Supply of high-end Woods HLS27 Speeco 22 Ton Log Splitters

We had a unique situation here come up with one of our vendors. Blount International, who's the parent company of both Woods and SpeeCo has run into a situation where they have a bit of an overstock on log splitters, and so they've given us an opportunity here in order to be able to sell these things to you at some really aggressive prices delivered to your home. Spend some time here with me. We'll walk around and look at some of the features on these splitters and show you some of the ways that they go above and beyond a lot of the economy log splitters that you might find from some other box stores.

Choosing Implements Size Matters

We're out today to have a short conversation about sizing implements to your tractor with skid loader couplers becoming very common on front loaders and category one three-point hitches on even the smallest of tractors.

NEW Woods Batwing 15.50

I'm excited to introduce to you the new Woods 15 foot Batwing BW 15.50. This project started over two years ago when Woods started interviewing hundreds of customers across the United States, what they would want if they had got to redesign a new Batwing mower.

Woods food plot seeders

great video on the woods plot seeders. these are nice heavy units that can do all planting tasks in a single pass.

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