Kubota BX Brakes and Belts

Adjusting the Brake Pedal

Brake pedal free travel should be 1 - 1.4” (25 – 35mm).
Free travel is the distance that the pedal travels from resting state to a fully depressed state.

  1. Make sure that engine is off, lower all implements to the ground, and block wheels from moving.

  2. Disengage parking brake.

  3. Loosen RH lock nut and extend RH turnbuckle to end of thread.

  4. Loosen LH lock nut and dturn LH turnbuckle to change the LH rod length so brake pedal free travel is 0.8” (20mm).

  5. Tighten LH lock nut.

  6. Change RH rod length so brake pedal free travel is 0.4” (10mm).

  7. Extend RH turnbuckle one more turn.

  8. Tighten RH lock nut.

  9. Pump brake pedal several time to check distance of free travel.



Adjusting Fan Belt Tension

  1. Make sure engine is off

  2. Check belt for damage, if belt is damaged, replace

  3. Apply some pressure to belt halfway between pulleys to check tension

  4. If tension is not what it should be, loosen the alternator mounting bolts and, using a lever placed between the alternator and the engine block pull the alternator out until the tension is correct

Fan Belt should have a deflection between .28 - .35” (7 – 9mm) when the belt is pressed in the middle of the span.