Changing a Cub Cadet Deck Belt

Installing a deck belt can be a challange. This video gives a quick walk though out the typical procedure. Contact a Messick's parts technician to order the proper belt for your specific model mower.


Step 1 - Position your riding mower for replacement
  • Park your riding lawn mower on a flat, level surface. Before you begin to replace the riding mower belt, turn the engine off and remove the ignition key. Then, disconnect the spark plug ignition wire.
  • Elevate the deck height level to its highest position.
  • Place wooden blocks that are just short of the deck's highest position under the deck's edge for support, then lower the deck onto the blocks.
  • Pull the J hooks from the left side then the right side to release the deck from the hangar brackets.
  • Remove wooden blocks from under the deck carefully.
  • Pull the click pin out of the front deck hanger rod.
Step 2 - Replace the riding mower deck belt
  • Remove the belt keeper rod and remove the deck belt from around the mower's engine pulley.
  • Put the deck height lever back in its highest position and turn the front wheels to the left. Slide the cutting deck out from the right side of the mower.
  • Remove the belt cover from the outer pulleys.
  • Unhook the idler spring, then remove the nut and bolt which secure the deck idler pulley with the belt keeper. Using a 3/8 drive ratchet in the square hole of the right idler bracket, separate the idler pulleys then remove the left pulley.
  • Replace the old mower deck belt with a new Cub Cadet OEM belt. To find the right belt, browse ourtop-selling belts or use our parts finder tool.
  • Reassemble the mower deck by following the previous directions in reverse order.
Step 3 - Reattach the deck to the riding mower and route the deck belt
  • Attach the nut and bolt which secure the deck's idler pulley with the belt keeper. Re-hook the idler spring.
  • Put the belt covers back on the outer pulleys.
  • Slide the cutting deck back under the mower.
  • Route the deck belt around the engine pulley and secure the belt keeper rod.
  • Insert the click pin into the front deck hanger rod.
  • Insert the J hooks into the hanger brackets on the left and right side of the mower.
  • Reconnect the spark plug ignition wire and start the mower. Take note of any off noises or vibrations, which could indicate an improperly installed mower deck belt.