Changing the air filter on a lawn mower


Before you begin to change the Cub Cadet air filter on your zero-turn mower, turn machine off and give the engine a chance to cool. As a safety precaution, remove the ignition key and disconnect the spark plug ignition wire. This will prevent accidental ignition as you are changing the mower's air filter.

Step 1

Open the access door on the back of the engine and loosen the clamps on the Cub Cadet air filter hose.

Step 2

With the mower's air filter now exposed, remove the old paper filter.

Step 4

Place your new paper Cub Cadet air filter inside the zero-turn mower.

Step 5

Attach the clamps on the mower's air filter hose.

Step 6

At the back of the engine, reseal the access door.

Step 7

Once you reconnect the spark plug ignition wire, your mower is ready to go.