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2023 Christmas Light Show

December 1st - 29th | 6:00PM - 9:30PM

1475 Strickler Road, Mount Joy, PA 17552

The annual light show at Messick's continues at our new location in Mount Joy! The light show will keep the same park and watch style from previous years but now also offers an option to skip the line and watch from bleachers. The show runs every 15-20 minutes. We ask for your patience as the line will not advance until the show cycles.

Lines are longest in the 10 days leading up to Christmas and can exceed 90 minutes during peak hours. Coming earlier in the season, or outside the peak hours of 6:30 – 8:30 will ensure a shorter wait.

If you’d like to skip the line and watch from the bleachers, please follow staff direction to the designated bleacher lot. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather.

When You Arrive

We will have staff stationed along the path to direct you to show parking. When you arrive at Messick's you will enter through the main entrance, drive around the equipment lot and back of the building before getting to the light show in the front corner of the building. After the show completes you will pull forward and exit through the main entrance.

When you get parked for the light show you can tune your radio to 89.9 FM to hear the music, and we ask that you turn off your lights so that everyone can enjoy the show.


Donations are collected after the show to support local charities. 100% of donations go to support the needs of local families. Production costs are paid by Messick's & Kubota Tractor.

We respectfully ask that busses make a minimum donation of $3/person due to the parking effort and space constraints.

Together we have raised over $430,000 since 2013 for our community.

Sponsored by:

Messick's Equipment Kubota Tractor

Your donations are supporting:

Paxton Ministries

Providing affordable housing and support services to adults in need, many of whom are challenged with poverty, mental illness, or intellectual disabilities.

Learn More >>

Mennonite Disaster Service

A volunteer network of Anabaptist churches responding in Christian love to those affected by disasters in Canada and the United States.

Learn More >>


ECHOS assists individuals and families experiencing homelessness or risk of homelessness, or in need of services who are connected with the Elizabethtown area.

Learn More >>

Water Street Mission

Restoring lives through rescue and renewal since 1905. Providers of food and shelter for the homeless. Healing communities, transforming lives.

Learn More >>

Check Out Last Year's Light Show:

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How It's Made:

Messick's Wishes You a Merry Christmas

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