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This KRONE forage harvester impresses both by its shear engine power but also by its nearly legendary quality of chop, which is the achievement of the innovative technology that hides underneath the panels.
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Series Models

Big X 780

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10 Row Corn Head
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12.5' Pick-Up Head
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Big X 650

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Series Models

Big X 780

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10 Row Corn Head
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12.5' Pick-Up Head
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Big X 650

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The OptiMaize System

  • KRONE chopping technology for optimum maize forage quality
  • OptiMaize S, M, L, XL for variable chopping lengths from 4 mm to 30 mm
  • KRONE MaxFlow and Biogas drums with different blade specifications combine for producing the
    chops length you need
  • KRONE OptiMaxx roller conditioners ensure optimum fracturing and kernel treatment
  • KRONE VariLOC for flexible long and short chops without conversing the machine

OptiMaize brings full flexibility to all KRONE BiG X harvesters, allowing them to produce any type of chop length livestock farmers and Biogas producers call for. MaxFlow and Biogas drums are available with various numbers of blades and combine with matching KRONE conditioners to deliver perfect 4-30 mm (0.2"-1.2") chops and the most intensive treatment. The BiG X offers this wide range of chops without operators having to swap or refit the chopping drum – simply by reducing the cutting frequency with the help of VariLOC.

The intake System

  • Helps achieve the desired chop length
  • 6 hydraulic intake rollers
  • The Speed is set steplessly from the cab

Chopping drum

  • The guarantee for top quality chops
  • MaxFlow chopping drums with 20, 28 or 36 blades
  • Biogas chopping drum with 40 and 48 blades

Maximum throughput

  • Spring-loaded floor underneath the chopping drum
  • Spring-loaded accelerator backplate
  • Outstanding chopping Quality even in inconsistent crop flows


  • Minimum changeover between grass and corn/maize
  • Quick changeovers between corn conditioning and harvesting grass
  • Removing the corn conditioner is convenient using a lowering mechanism

The OptiMaxx roller conditioners

  • 250 or 305 mm diameter and 710 mm wide rollers for maximum performance
  • Slanted teeth give a unique shearing effect for perfect cracking
  • Up to 50% speed difference for optimum fracturing results

Powerful crop accelerator

  • Adjust crop throw from the cab
  • Precision fills of following trailers
  • Reduced power when filling Trailers running alongside
  • No losses

The crop flow

  • ?Six intake rollers ensure a top-notch quality of chops
  • High throughput with universal and biogas drums
  • OptiMaxx roller conditioners for intensive kernel processing
  • Flexible chop lengths through VariLOC and the use of only half the number of blades
  • Continuous crop flow from VariStream
  • Variable crop throw is an option using StreamControl
  • Quick changeovers between corn and grass thanks to VariQuick

Its innovative technology makes the BiG X a superior chopper with respect to performance and quality. Chopping lenghts can be set to individual requirements by adjusting the speeds of the intake rollers and using different numbers of blades on the chopping drum. Highest through puts are implemented by the spring-loaded floor underneath the drum and a spring-loaded accelerator backplate which guarantee a continuous crop flow.

 The Intake System

  • Hydraulic drive: The LOC is steplessly adjustable from the cab
  • 6 pre-compression rollers for top-quality chops
  • Perfect protection from foreign objects which travel a long path
    from the full-width metal detector to the chopping drum

On a precision forage harvester it is also the intake system that has an influence on the quality of chop. The 6 intake rollers on BiG X compress the material consistently at a high pressure so that it is easier and more precisely to chop. The hydraulic drive of the intake system allows operators to choose between setting the LOC manually or automatically.

The Chopping Assembly


  • KRONE chopping drums with 20, 28, 36, 40 or 48 blades
  • High inertia: enclosed 660 mm (2'2") diameter drums
  • Bespoke 800 mm (2'7") wide drums for the BiG X 680, 780, 880 and 1180 models
  • Extremely fuel-efficient courtesy of a high inertia and pulling cuts

Matching the drum dimensions to the forager model and choosing the optimum number of blades not only boosts machine power but also makes the forager more flexible to suit more applications. The wide range of OptiMaize drums that are available for BiG X deliver top-quality chops in versatile applications anywhere in the world.

The KRONE OptiMazz Roller Conditioners


  • OptiMaxx roller conditioners with 250 or 305 mm diameters
  • Slanted teeth for perfect conditioning to combine with OptiMaize S-XL drums
  • The gap between the rollers is conveniently adjusted from the cab
  • A strong spring assembly provides a consistent and high pressure
  • Maximum fracturing from an up to 50% speed difference (option)
  • BusaCLAD-Special coating technology for maximum service life


Every single kernel must be cracked to achieve an optimal digestibility. These user demands are perfectly met by the new OptiMaxx 250/305 roller conditioners with their slanted teeth, a new KRONE development.



Ride-Along in a Big-x
780 Krone Big-X
Krone Big X


Ride-Along in a Big-x
780 Krone Big-X
Krone Big X
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