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New Holland  >   Moisture Testers for Hay and Grain  >   FM07100DS
<p><b>Messicks stocks nearly 70,000 different New Holland, Ford, and Case Parts for the full line of equipment that they offer.</b> In fact we stock more parts for New Holland harvesters and hay equipment than any other dealer on the East Coast. We supplement our own large inventory by making daily pickups from New Holland&#39;s Mountville, Pennsylvania parts depot. From fuel filters to plow shares, the odds are that Messick&#39;s has the parts you need. We&#39;re available at <b>877-260-3528</b> or email <a href="\"></a>.</p>

#FM07100DS DHT-1 Portable Probe Type Hay Moisture Tester


Usually ships in 3-7 business days

Weight: 0.00 lbs

Why Test Moisture?

According to agricultural nutrition experts, the single most important factor influencing the quality of grain, hay and silage is moisture. Moisture management is a continuous process that requires the appropriate measuring tools. Protect your investment by testing moisture content before, during and after the season. New Holland moisture testers operate accurately and quickly, measuring moisture in the field, bin or barn.


  • Direct readout for moisture % and temperature (°F and °C)
  • Extra-rugged probe shaft made from aircraft aluminum
  •  18” (std.), 24” and 32” probe lengths available
  • Moisture range: 14.4% to 44% depending on hay tested
  • Temperature range: 32° - 225° F (0° - 107° C)
  • Convenient clamshell packaging

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