Messicks' Rentals

We're the home for all your equipment needs, be it sales, service, parts or rental. We maintain a fleet of rental equipment for our service customers and anyone who needs a machine in a pinch.

Call 800-222-3373 or email for availability.

Return Policies

Daily Rate: 24 hours with a maximum of 8 hours on the hour meter.
Weekly Rate: 5 Consecutive workdays, 40 hours on the hour meter.
Monthly Rate: 4 Consecutive weeks, 160 hours on the hour meter.
Charges will be applied for additional hours.
Fuel: All machines go out with a full tank of fuel and must be returned with a full tank or customer will be charged for filling the tank at the going rate.
Cleaning Charges: All machines need to come back in the condition they left in. If machine is dirty there will be a cleaning charge. All units need power washed. Cleaning fees vary. Minimum Charge $50.00
Damage to Unit: If unit is damaged it is the customers responsibility to pay for all damages. The replacement cost plus labor will be charged.

We have a rental equipment fleet at all our locations. Not all stores have the same inventories. Please contact us to check on the availability of inter-store transfers.


Kubota KX018

16 HP. Weight: 3,748 Lbs. Width: 4' 3". Dig Depth: 7' 9". 16" Bucket. Op...

Locations: Halifax

Kubota KX033

25 HP. Weight: 7,420 Lbs. Width: 5' 1". Dig Depth: 10' 6". Blade. Fuel C...

Locations: Bendersville, Carlisle, Elizabethtown

Kubota KX080

66.6 HP. Weight: 19,140 Lbs. Width: 7' 2". Dig Depth: 15' 1". Cab, Angle...

Locations: Elizabethtown

Kubota KX040

38 HP. Weight: 9,855 Lbs. Width: 5' 7". Dig Depth: 11' 2". Open Canopy. ...

Locations: Abbottstown, Elizabethtown

New Holland E30c

24.8 HP. Weight: 6,306 Lbs. Width: 5' 1". Dig Depth: 8' 2". 24" Bucket. ...

Locations: Halifax

Kubota U35

24.8 HP. Weight: 8,478 Lbs. Width: 5' 7". Dig Depth: 9' 9". Angle Blade....

Locations: Abbottstown

Excavator Buckets & Attachments

Excavator Bucket For KX033/KX040/KX121/U35

12" (K7872) or 24" (K7875) Available - Please specify size in booking notes

Locations: Bendersville, Elizabethtown

Excavator Breaker For KX033/KX040/KX121/U35

Toku TNB-4M. 550 ft/lb Breaker. Fits K7870 Coupler On 7,000-10,000 Lb Ex...

Locations: Carlisle, Elizabethtown

Excavator Breaker For KX080

Allied 999 Model. 1,100lb Breaker For Use on Large Excavators With The K...

Locations: Elizabethtown

Excavator Tamper For KX033/KX040/KX121/U35

Allied 400B Ho-Pac Tamper. Fits K7870 Coupler. Weight: 375 Lbs. 14" x 30...

Locations: Elizabethtown

Excavator Bucket For KX057/U55

12" (K7917), 18" (K7918), 24" (K7919), or 30" (K7920) Available - Please...

Locations: Elizabethtown

Excavator Bucket For KX080

24" (K7427), 30" (K7428), or 36" (K7429) Available - Please specify size...

Locations: Bendersville, Elizabethtown

Track Loaders

Kubota SVL95

96.4 HP. Weight: 11,574 Lbs. Lift Capacity: 3,200 Lbs. Width: 77.2". Fue...

Locations: Elizabethtown, Halifax

Kubota SVL75

74.3 HP. Weight: 9,315 Lbs. Lift Capacity: 2,300 Lbs. Width: 65.9". Fuel...

Locations: Abbottstown, Bendersville, Carlisle, Elizabethtown, Halifax

Skid Loaders

Kubota SSV65

64 HP. Weight: 7,055 Lbs. Lift Capacity: 1,950 Lbs. Width: 66.5". Fuel C...

Locations: Carlisle, Elizabethtown

Kubota SSV75

74.3 HP. Weight: 8,422 Lbs. Width: 71.8". Lift Capacity: 2,690 Lbs. Fuel...

Locations: Elizabethtown, Halifax

New Holland L318

60 HP. Weight: 5,930-6,243 Lbs. Width: 66.1" Lift Capacity: 1,800 Lbs. F...

Locations: Elizabethtown

New Holland L220/L320

60 HP. Weight: 6,470 Lbs. Width: 69.1" Lift Capacity: 2,000 Lbs. Fuel Ca...

Locations: Elizabethtown, Halifax

Skid Loader Attachments

SSL Post Hole Auger Drive

McMillen X1975. Max Auger Bit Diameter: 30". Hyd Flow: 10-25 GPM. 2" Hex...

Locations: Abbottstown, Bendersville, Carlisle, Elizabethtown, Halifax

SSL Pallet Forks

48" Pallet Forks

Locations: Abbottstown, Bendersville, Carlisle, Elizabethtown

SSL Trencher

6" x 48" Digging Depth. 86" Long. Weight: 850 Lbs. Hyd Flow: 14-25 GPM

Locations: Carlisle

SSL Rotary Cutter

78" Ground Shark Brush Cutter/Mower. 4" Dia Cut Capacity. Weight: 1,365 ...

Locations: Bendersville, Halifax

SSL Angle Broom

72" Width. Weight: 970-1,035 Lbs. Hyd Flow: 15-25 GPM.

Locations: Abbottstown, Elizabethtown, Halifax

SSL Preparator

FFC LAF3576 Preparator. 76" Working Width. 84" Overall Width. Weight: 1,...

Locations: Abbottstown

SSL Grapple Bucket

Skeleton Bottom. Width: 74" - 80". Weight: 925-990 Lbs.

Locations: Bendersville, Carlisle, Elizabethtown

SSL Snow Blower

72" Width. Weight: 990 Lbs. 33 GPM High Flow. 12V Electric Plug.

Locations: Elizabethtown

SSL Power Rake

90" Raking Width. 102" Total Width. Weight: 1,440 Lbs. Hyd Flow: 15-25 GPM

Locations: Elizabethtown

SSL Rock Tine Bucket

75" Rock Bucket. Skeleton Bottom

Locations: Elizabethtown

SSL Bucket

With or Without Teeth, 72", 78" or 84" Widths Available - Please Specify...

Locations: Abbottstown, Carlisle, Elizabethtown, Halifax

Post Hole Augers

Auger 18"

18" x 48" Auger

Locations: Carlisle, Elizabethtown

Auger 12"

12" x 48" Auger

Locations: Carlisle, Elizabethtown

Auger 6"

6" x 48" Auger

Locations: Elizabethtown

Auger 4.5"

4.5" x 48" Auger

Locations: Elizabethtown

Auger 24"

24" x 48" Auger

Locations: Carlisle, Elizabethtown

Auger 30"

30" x 48" Auger

Locations: Elizabethtown

Auger 36"

36" x 48" Auger

Locations: Bendersville

Mini Skid Steer

Mini SSL Trencher

Bradco 615 Trencher for Mini Skid Steers. 6" Digging Width. 36" Max Digg...

Locations: Elizabethtown

Mini SSL Pallet Forks

Bradco 42" Pallet Forks for Mini Skid Steer. 900 Lb Lift Capacity.

Locations: Elizabethtown

Mini SSL Bucket

Bradco 42" Tooth Bucket or 48" Bucket Without Teeth. Weight: 200-240 Lbs.

Locations: Elizabethtown

Mini SSL Post Hole Auger Drive

McMillen X1500 Post Hole Drive for Mini Skid Steer. 8", 12" & 24" Augers...

Locations: Elizabethtown


Kubota BX23S Tractor Loader Backhoe

23 HP. Weight: 2,700 Lbs. Dig Depth: 6'1". 17.7 PTO HP. HST Drive. 4WD. ...

Locations: Abbottstown, Bendersville, Carlisle, Elizabethtown, Halifax

Kubota MX6000 Utility Tractor

63 HP. Front End Loader. 52 PTO HP. HST Drive. 4WD. Weight: 5,600 Lbs. R...

Locations: Elizabethtown

New Holland Utility Tractor

74 HP. 4WD. Cab and Loader. Weight: 6,239 Lbs. 65 PTO HP. Ag Tires. Fuel...

Locations: Elizabethtown

Tractor 3pt Hitch Attachments

3pt Slit Seeder

72" Seeding Width. Requires 30-60 PTO HP. Weight: 1,565 Lbs.

Locations: Elizabethtown, Halifax

3pt Tiller - 60"

For use on larger tractors. Requires 20-50 PTO HP. Weight: 465 Lbs.

Locations: Halifax

3pt Sub-compact Tiller - 50"

15-30 PTO HP Required. Weight: 300-375 Lbs.

Locations: Bendersville, Elizabethtown

3pt Broadcast Spreader

PTO driven. 563 lbs./9.38 Cu ft Capacity. Weight: 128 Lbs.

Locations: Elizabethtown

3pt Aerator

72" Width. Weight: 480 Lbs.

Locations: Elizabethtown

3 pt Rear Blade

Width: 60" Weight: 150 Lbs. Manual Angle Adjustment

Locations: Carlisle

Power Equipment

Epic L65 HydroSeeder

Tow Behind w/ Electric Brakes. Weight: 7,000 Lbs. 25 HP Gas Engine. 650 ...

Locations: Elizabethtown

Bearcat 9" Chipper

Diesel. 50HP. Tow Behind. 2" Ball. Digital Display Screen. Weight: 2,725...

Locations: Elizabethtown

Straw Blower

Weaverline KB1355. 13HP. Shreads and blows up to 180 small sqare bales p...

Locations: Bendersville

Remote Control Industrial Mower

Alamo Ridge Runner Remote Control Industrial Mower on Tracks. Ideal For ...

Locations: Elizabethtown

Tractor With Boom Mower

New Holland T5.110 Tractor w/ Alamo 18' Samurai Mid Mount Boom Mower. 52...

Locations: Elizabethtown

Utility Vehicles

Kubota RTV-X1140

4 Seater. Open Cab. Regular Cargo Bed. 24.8 HP Diesel Engine. Weight: 2,...

Locations: Bendersville

Kubota RTV-X900

2 Seater. Open Cab. Extended Cargo Bed. 21.6 HP Diesel Engine. Weight: 1...

Locations: Halifax

Kubota RTV-X1100

2 Seater. Enclosed Cab. Extended Cargo Bed. 24.8 HP Diesel Engine. Weigh...

Locations: Elizabethtown, Halifax