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Titan Implements is now IronCraft

Neil from Messick's here, today's three-minute Thursday. For today's short conversation, we're going to bring you up to speed with some of the latest things from Titan Implement. This company's on the move here lately. I let you know what's going on.
There's been some notable changes here lately that have happened at Titan Implement. There's a new ownership now of this company that has come in and they're mixing some things up a little bit. Two things that you should know if you own any of their equipment. This stuff here that is painted gray, it's now sold under a new name. They are changing their name to IronCraft rather than Titan Implement. Name changes like that are really expensive for companies to pull off and often really confusing to our customers because for years now, people will continue to walk into our store and ask for parts, accessories, whatever they need for their Titan Implement attachments.
A name change though is deeply, deeply needed by this company because of the association to Titan Attachments. Titan Attachments, also known as and Titan Implements are two different companies, two radically different companies. Titan Implements, now IronCraft is based in Tennessee. They manufacture many of their own implements there in Tennessee, and they have some exclusive arrangements with other companies to import things like these flail mowers and rototillers that we get from them. As I understand, these are exclusive arrangements. You don't see these implements under other brands.
Titan Attachments, on the other hand, is known for being a Chinese importer who brings things into a warehouse and then hawks their goods on their own website and also Amazon and eBay. You see their stuff spread all over the internet. They're really geared towards absolute bottom-dollar stuff. I looked at importing some of their things before, you can get them from a number of different Chinese manufacturers. The cost of goods is about a third of what the retail price is, and the quality is very low. That association between the two Titans has always been problematic for us as this is much better quality equipment than what you're going to see out of Titan Attachments.
We sell a lot of implement lines here at Messick's and we like to have a good, better, best option for you for a lot of these things. Many things like these rototillers might only be used once a year, it's hard to justify the cost of a good domestically made, high-end rototiller with good high horsepower gearboxes on it, that's going to give you 30 years of parts support. It takes a lot of infrastructure behind a company and generally a higher price to implement to be able to sell something at that high tier. The kinds of things that you're going to expect from a Woods or a Land Pride.
When we start coming down a little bit and we can shave some cost off, maybe by bringing in an import or using a brand that doesn't have the decades of promised parts support from it we can save a little bit of money. That's where we tend to position the things from Titan Implement or now IronCraft is at that value implement. Now that doesn't mean this stuff is poorly made. These rototillers are a heavy, impressive implement. A lot of their other stuff is really good-looking before, but we lose a little bit of that heritage.
Again, that proven company, that's some of the long-term brands have proven themselves to be. I think these guys going through and changing their name to something a little bit more reputable to removing themselves from some of that unfortunate name that Titan Attachments have given the Titan brand will be good for them in the long term. Maybe we start to see the heritage of this brand start to increase because they've been doing some really cool stuff down there in Tennessee.
Another outcome of this IronCraft change can be seen in this big open area here in our parking lot. This space used to be occupied by all of the trailblazer front mowers that this company used to manufacture for us. That portion of their product line is now being discontinued, likely because of some patent issues with another company. We are still working at finding an alternative supplier for this kind of mower. There's several out there that we're working on evaluating at the moment. If you're looking for that mower to put out on your loader, the trailblazer is no longer an option. We continue to get questions about these mowers several a week. The concept continues to be interesting to people, but I would like to take a little bit of time and evaluate several different options before bringing something back into our product catalog to offer again.
I don't think I've ever done a three-minute Thursday and three minutes before. That's a little bit of what's happening here with IronCraft. I think this is going to be a very positive change for the company. It's going to do a lot to continue to build that brand. If you're shopping for any of these kind of right-priced implements, I think this company does a great job of striking some of that economical implement value with some level of domestic support. These are people that we can call up on the phone here. We've got product reps here in the store. Pretty happy with the way that we've been seeing these guys grow lately and happy to be part of their success. You're shopping for an implementer or a piece of equipment and we can help, or if you have parts or service needs for machinery, you've already got, give us a call at Messick's. We're available at 800-222-3373 or online at 

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