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Used Construction Equipment

Most dealers are slow to update their online used equipment listings making the data several days or weeks out of date. Here at Messicks we do things differently, our online listings are LIVE. As soon as our salesmen learn about a piece you can to.

We're human. Prices and information reflect the best of our knowledge and may be subject to change.

Used Excavators 8

used compact excavators from Kubota, Komatsu, CAT, Deere and more.

Bobcat - 331D
2002 Bobcat 331D Excavator, 723 HRS, 40 HP Kubota V2203 Diesel Engine, Conventional Tail Swing , Dozer Blade, Cab With Heater, Hydraulic Thumb, X-Change Bucket Coupler System, 12 Inch Trenching Bucket,10 Ft Digging Depth, Weighs 7185 Lbs. View Details
Kubota - KX033-4R1
861 hours, 2020 year, 24.8hp Kubota diesel engine, two speed travel w/auto-shift, front dozer blade w/float mode, selectable pattern hydraulic pilot controls, four-post ROPS with canopy, suspension seat, adjustable wrist rests, front mounted instrument panel with guages - job history - service minder - diagnostics - programmable rate aux hyd feature, boom mounted worklamp, 15.8gpm aux hydraulics w/boom plumbing & dipperstick mounted diverter valve, two-tine hydraulic thumb, OEM mechanical bucket quick coupler, 24" trenching bucket w/teeth, 10' 6" max dig depth, 11' 7" max dump height, 8138lb bucket breakout force, 3867lb dipperstick breakout force, 7420lb operating weight, Serial #14710 View Details
Kubota - KX040-4R1
Messick rental fleet. Full warranty 11-14-2025. Under 400 hours. Price includes 24" bucket - coupler - thumb. Rubber-Track Compact Excavator / new generation reduced-tail-swing design / 40hp Kubota diesel engine w/glow plugs & auto-idle control / two speed travel w/auto-shift feature / standard front dozer blade w/float mode / selectable pattern pilot controls (premium hydraulic-over-hydraulic sealed system - not electronic joysticks!) / four-post ROPS with canopy / hi-back suspension seat / adjustable soft-touch wrist rests / front mounted instrument panel with guages, job history, service minder, diagnostics & programmable rate aux hyd feature / boom mounted worklamp / premium hydraulic load-sensing system provides smoothest-in-class multi-functioning control! / proportional thumbwheel control of 17.2gpm auxiliary hydraulics with boom plumbing & dipperstick mounted diverter valve / thumb-coupler-buckets not included with base machine / 11' 2.7" max dig depth / 12' 9.5" max dump height / 9535lb bucket breakout force / 4112lb dipperstick breakout force / 9195lb operating weight Options Installed on Machine: Hydraulic Thumb / Quick Coupler / 24" Bucket View Details
Kubota - KX057-4R3AP
2,665 hours, 2016 model year, One owner, 47hp Kubota diesel engine w/auto-idle control / two speed travel w/auto-shift feature / hydraulic angle dozer blade w/float mode / selectable pattern pilot controls (premium hydraulic-over-hydraulic sealed system - not electronic joysticks!) / premium wide-entry "grand" cab with heater/defroster & a/c / hi-back suspension seat / adjustable wrist rests / front-mounted instrument panel w/guages, service minder & diagnostics / 2-cab & 1-boom mounted worklamps / hi-volume load-sensing variable displacement hydraulics pumps provide best-in-class multi-functioning control! / Kubota mech quick coupler / hydraulic thumb / 12" trenching bucket /proportional thumbwheel control of 19.8gpm auxiliary hydraulics with boom plumbing & 9.8 gpm SP2 port with dipperstick mounting and couplers / 12' 8.2" max dig depth / 13' 8.6" max dump height / 11,177lb bucket breakout force / 5644lb dipperstick breakout force / 12,820lb operating weight/ SN 27007 View Details

Used Industrial Equipment

used industrial TLB's, rollers, and excavators.

We're sorry! There are no used units in this category...

Used Skid Loaders 24

used skid steer loaders or bobcats at bargin prices. Central PA's largest inventory.

Bobcat - 773
Bobcat 773 G-Series Skid Steer Loader, 4523 hours, 2000 year, 46hp Kubota diesel engine (not turbo), hydrostatic trans, 10x16.5 tires approx. 75%, enclosed cab with heater/defroster, front & rear work lamps, 16.7gpm auxiliary hydraulics(not hi-flow), manual bucket coupler, 62" dirt bucket w/teeth (needs repair), vertical lift-path design boom rated 1750lb operating load & 3500lb tipping load, 118.2" max lift height, 5810lb operating weight, Serial #517612984. View Details
Bobcat - S250
75hp Kubota turbo diesel, 2-speed trans, mechanical hand/foot controls, cab with heater & door, torn seat, front & rear worklamps, electric multi-function controls w/7-pin elec plug, 20.7gpm auxiliary hydraulics, manual bucket coupler, bucket included, 12x16.5 tires approx 20%, rated 2500lb operating load & 5000lb tipping load, 7723lb operating weight, View Details
Bobcat - S650
74HP Kubota V3307-D1 4 Cylinder Turbocharged Diesel Engine, 3210 Hours, Enclosed Cab with Heat and Air Conditioning (door is missing and AC does not work), Standard Hand and Foot Controls, 2690 Rated Operating Capacity, 2 Speed Hydrostatic Drive, Vertical Lift Path Boom, Standard 23GPM Auxiliary Boom Hydraulics, Hydraulic Power Bob-Tach Bucket Mounting Coupler,12X16.5 HD Tires Front and Rear Work Lights, No Bucket. View Details
Case - SV280
2141 hours, 2016 year, 74hp Iveco turbo diesel w/glow plugs & block heater, two-speed transmission, 12x16.5 industrial tires approx 60%, H-pattern mechanical controls, hand & foot throttles, e-z tilt deluxe pressurized cab with heat & a/c, air-ride/heated seat, lap-bar/armrest, radio, 2-front 2-corner & 2-rear work lamps, deluxe instrument panel w/keyless start, electric master disconnect switch, multi-function controls w/14-pin electric attachment plug, 24.2gpm std-flow & 37.6hi-flow auxiliary hydraulics, loader arm float mode, self-leveling & ride-control pkg, hydraulic bucket coupler, bucket not included, "Power-Reach" vertical lift boom design rated 2800lb operating load & 5600lb tipping load, 130" max lift height, 8090lb operating weight, Serial #NGM415978 View Details

Used Compact Track Loaders 24

used compact track loaders, or CTL's.

Bobcat - MT85
1233 hours, 2018 year, 24.8hp Kubota diesel, joystick controls, 4.0mph max travel speed, operator ride-on platform, 7gal fuel tank, 12gpm aux hyd, Bobtach style attachment coupler, 42" dirt bucket w/teeth, undercarriage with recent new bogey/idlers & rubber tracks at approx 50% life, radial boom with 80.9" max lift height, rated 850lb operating load & 2458lb tipping load, 41" outside track width, 3110lb operating weight, Serial #B3TR15547 View Details
Bobcat - T190
2008 Bobcat T190, single owner machine, 2150 hours on 61hp Kubota diesel, cab and a/c works, 2 speed hydrostatic transmission, manual bucket coupler, 12.6" tracks @ 60% tread, switchable ISO EH controls, hand/foot throttles, programable creep mode, boom float, hydraulic self-leveling, standard aux hydraulics, suspension seat, operating weight 7600lbs, 2000lbs ROC, trading with 2 buckets (see photos) 68" with teeth 72" smooth lip. View Details
Bobcat - T200
2002 Bobcat Compact Track Loader, 1673 Hours, 73HP 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine, Radial Lift Boom, Hydraulic Bucket Coupler, Enclosed Cab With Heat and Air Conditioning, Boom Auxiliary Hydraulics and Electrical Connector, 74" Tooth Bucket, 2000lb Rated Operating Capacity, 5715 lbs. Tipping Load, 8080 Operating Weight View Details
Bobcat - T650
1871 Hours, 2 Speed Track Skid Loader, 74 HP Diesel, Pilot Controls, Cab, Heat, AC, Hydraulic Bucket Quick Attach, Radio, Rear View Mirror, No Bucket, Weights, Ride Control, 2019 Model Year, 3670# Operating Load, 7340# Tipping Load, 9440# Operating Weight View Details

Used Wheel Loaders 3

used wheel loaders

Case - 121F XT
1324 hours (original hour meter replaced @ 676 hours & current hour meter @ 648 hours), 2015 year, 64hp Iveco 3.4liter diesel, two speed hydrostatic transmission (12.4mph max speed), deluxe cab with heat & a/c, cloth upholstered suspension seat w/armrests, tilt steering wheel, single joystick w/speed shift & fwd/rev & loader control, radio pkg, 4-front worklamps & 2-rear worklamps, turn-signals & 4-way flashers, horn & back-up alarm, 17.7gpm front aux hydraulics, hydraulic bucket coupler (universal skid steer style mount), 1.05 cu yd bucket w/bolt-on cutting edge, XT-style boom (not Z-Bar style), 123" max hinge pine height, 8197lb straight tipping load, 7083lb full turn tipping load, rated 5265lb lift capacity to full height, 365/70R18 tires, 11,023lb operating weight View Details
Case - 621B
1993 Case 621B wheel loader with 126hp diesel engine, 7600 hours, enclosed cab with heat, PS trans, tilt wheel, quick coupler, 8' material bucket, 17.5X25 tires @ 50%, paint OK, There is some cab rust and door rust, SN#JEE0039631 View Details
Kubota - R520S2T3
5019 hours, 2012 year, 46hp Kubota diesel, hi-low range transmission w/12.5mph max speed, fwd/rev shuttle shift, limited slip front differential, wet disc brakes, deluxe cab with heater/defroster, suspension seat, cab & boom mounted worklamps, incl 2250lb rear counterweight option, 15.4gpm aux hydraulics, universal skid steer style manual bucket coupler, bucket not included, 15.5/60-18 industrial tires approx 85%, 10' 10" max lift height, rated 5190lb straight tipping load & 4410lb full-turn tipping load, 8980lb operating weight, Serial #20964 View Details
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