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Used Farm Implements

Most dealers are slow to update their online used equipment listings making the data several days or weeks out of date. Here at Messicks we do things differently, our online listings are LIVE. As soon as our salesmen learn about a piece you can to.

We're human. Prices and information reflect the best of our knowledge and may be subject to change.

Used Planters 3

used Drills and Planters for seeding your fields or properties.

John Deere - 2 ROW
2 Row Corn Planter, Comes with Extra Seed Plates, Fertilizer Boxes and Row Markers. Three Point Hitch Mount. View Details
Land Pride - OS1572
The Land Pride OS1572 Overseeder is the ultimate solution for precise and efficient overseeding across a variety of applications. With a 72-inch working width and 2-inch spacing between its high carbon, heat treated, curved knives, mounted with five knives per flange, it will achieve consistent overseeding with a knife tip speed of 2000 feet per minute, and efficient seed incorporation with an 18-inch rotor spinning at 400 rpm. An optional 72” Front roller and floating top- link which promotes anti-scalping and depth control along the full width of the seeder is included. Precise seed metering thanks to ten seed cups with powder metal flutes. The wind-guarded splash plate minimizes seed loss and maximizes overseeding efficiency. A rear roller drive bundle with 31 notched seed rollers and scrapers to ensure optimal seed-to-soil contact and minimal seed waste. Built for a Cat. 1 hitch, it offers stability and durability in challenging conditions with its formed plate A-frame. Transport and setup are hassle-free with lift hooks, transport lights, and compatibility with the Land Pride Quick-Hitch. Safety and maintenance are paramount with a heavy-duty slip-clutch driveline, profile-stamped chain box with drain and vent plugs, and an enclosed, adjustable #100 roller chain in an oil bath. The Land Pride OS1572 Overseeder is your trusted partner in achieving healthy, vibrant lawns and pastures. Whether you're a professional landscaper or a dedicated property owner, this overseeder's versatility, durability, and precision seeding capabilities make it an excellent choice for your overseeding projects. Messick's rental fleet. Current MSRP new $19,950 View Details
Other - 250
Broadcast Spreader for Seeds and Fertilizer, Three Point Hitch Mount, 540 RPM Drive. View Details

Used Spreaders (Manure, Lime & Fertilizer) 8

used box and tank manure spreaders for farming applications

Cargo - M923.W0
M923.WO/W 5 TON 6x6 MILITARY CARGO TRUCK, 8.3L Turbo Cummins 250hp, Allison Automatic Transmission, Comes with Custom Welded Plow Frame, 11' Angled Plow, Swenson EV100 Stainless Steel Hopper Spreader Salter, Ready to go with Kohler 18HP Engine, Rear Emergency LED Lighting Equipped, Extra parts come with as well, 75,600 miles. Seller is willing to sell truck and sander separately. M923.WO/W 5 TON 6x6 MILITARY CARGO TRUCK. 8.3L Turbo Cummins 250hp Allison Automatic Transmission Comes with Custom Welded Plow Frame 11' Angled Plow Swenson EV100 Stainless Steel Hopper Spreader Salter Ready to go with Kohler 18HP Engine Rear Emergency LED Lighting Equipped Lots of extra parts available Extra Super Single Tires Available Also View Details
Chandler - 9PTFT
The 9-PT is a single-axle high clearance broadcast spreader designed with the post-emergent field in mind. Spread throughout the season as the 9-PT is built with High Clearance options so you don’t harm those adolescent plants. Twin 24” Spinner Dishes and engineered Flow Divider broadcast with the accuracy and dependability that our customers have grown accustomed to and expect. Built with a single 12,000# rigid axle and superior gusseted hopper design, the 9-PT is no exception to the Chandler standard of durability. The efficiency, economic maintenance and performance make the 9-PT the preferred spreader throughout the ag industry. 120” Long x 96” Wide Hopper, 185 Cubic Ft. Capacity, Quick Change Sprockets for High/Low Rates (75 to 4000 lb/acre), Full Ground Wheel Drive, PTO Drive or Tractor-Supplied Hydraulics, Heavy-Duty 12,000# Rigid Axle and Hubs, 16" wide 304L Stainless Steel Mesh Chain, High-Clearance Option for post-emergent dressing View Details
Gehl - MS1322
Side discharge Scavanger Manure Spreader, Tandem Axle, 1000 RPM Drive, Flotation Tires, Liner Insert Inside View Details
H&S - 50
Pull Type Manure Spreader, Ground Drive, 50 Bushels, Great For Small Horse Operation View Details
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