Woods PRD6000W

$4,341.00 $3,545.00

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5' Premium Rear Discharge Finish Mower, Chain Shielding

  • 5', 6', or 7' cutting widths, Rear Discharge
  • Three-point hitch: Cat 1
  • Tractor HP range: 15-40 hp
  • Ideal for mowing large lawns, sports fields, and parks
  • Strong, eight-gauge steel deck
  • Floating lower hitch points to manage uneven terrain
  • Powerful 60 hp gearbox
  • Kevlar® belt with clutching cover protects parts and increases lifespan
  • Anti-shimmy caster wheel springs reduce shock loads
  • Tubular caster wheel arms for added strength
  • ASABE quick-hitch compatibility ensures faster, easier and safer hook-ups
  • Six-year gearbox limited warranty
  • Three-year spindle limited warranty
  • One-year mower warranty


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A commercial delivery is a business with 8-5 hours and equipment to unload a tractor trailer truck. Job sites, churches & remote locations are not considered commercial addresses. (Fedex Freight does consider a farm commercial). Commercial carriers will not always call ahead to tell you when a delivery will be made. If you would like the commercial rate, but do not meet the requirements for a commercial delivery you can pickup your shipment from the local freight terminal where they will help you load.

A residential delivery still assumes you have the ability to unload the shipment from a 4' high tractor trailer truck. If you require a lift gate to lower the shipment to the ground an additional $50-125 charge applies for the carrier to send a truck with a lift gate to lower the crate.

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