Allied CP Rammer Hydraulic Impact Hammers

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 • Integrated one-piece tool bushing design includes thrust ring, upper and lower bushing and dust seal all in one

• RamData III standard on all Excellence Line Hammers, GPS enabled

• Vibration dampening prevents carrier damage and improves operator comfort

• No tie rods for less maintenance

• Upgraded greasing bushings and thrust ring

• Higher Heat models available for 555, 777 & 999* along with Scaler models HYDRAULIC IMPACT HAMMERS ALLIED FULL-LINE BROCHURE *High-Heat Box style

• Allied's heat resistant hydraulic hammers have been designed to withstand the toughest of applications that these size hammers may be utilized in

• Heat Resistant seals and heavy duty housing and no housing pads

• Allieds Scaling units give the operator an option to run grease, water and air lines to the bottom of the hammer

Series Models:


150ft.lbs, 1,000-2,600bpm, 4-9 gpm, 200lb Working Weight, 1.42" Tool Diameter, Recommended carrier Range 1,800-4,000lbs


200ft.lbs, 600-3,200bpm, 4-9 gpm, 240lb Working Weight, 1.57" Tool Diameter, Recommended carrier Range 2,600-5,500lbs


350ft.lbs, 800-3,000bpm, 7-15gpm, 330lb Working Weight, 1.89" Tool Diameter, Recommended carrier Range 3,500-7,900lbs


450ft.lbs, 700-2,600bpm, 11-19 gpm, 510lb Working Weight, 2.20" Tool Diameter, Recommended carrier Range 6,000-11,500lbs


500ft.lbs, 600-1,800bpm, 9-24gpm, 610lb Working Weight, 2.83" Tool Diameter, Recommended carrier Range 7,100-17,600lbs


750ft.lbs, 500-1,700bpm, 11-32gpm, 850lb Working Weight, 3.15" Tool Diameter, Recommended carrier Range 9,500-20,900lbs


1,200ft.lbs, 500-1,700bpm, 13-40 gpm, 1,110lb Working Weight, 3.54" Tool Diameter, Recommended carrier Range 12,800-28,700lbs


500lbs, 400-1,900bpm. For Skid steer and track loaders. Recommended carrier Range 5,500-12,100lbs


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A commercial delivery is a business with 8-5 hours and equipment to unload a tractor trailer truck. Job sites, churches & remote locations are not considered commercial addresses. (Fedex Freight does consider a farm commercial). Commercial carriers will not always call ahead to tell you when a delivery will be made. If you would like the commercial rate, but do not meet the requirements for a commercial delivery you can pickup your shipment from the local freight terminal where they will help you load.

A residential delivery still assumes you have the ability to unload the shipment from a 4' high tractor trailer truck. If you require a lift gate to lower the shipment to the ground an additional $50-125 charge applies for the carrier to send a truck with a lift gate to lower the crate.

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