Woods RD990X

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The RM990 is a unique mower. If you've ever wanted a finish mower thats heavy duty enough to double as a rotary cutter when needed, this is it. 

Working width 90"
Approximate weight 1,333 lbs.
Cutting height 1.5" - 7"
Overall width 97"
Deck material thickness 7 gauge
Hitch/quick hitch compatible Cat 1 & 2 / yes
Drive type Cat 4
Gearbox hp rating 75 hp
PTO Horsepower 45 - 75 hp
Blades .25" x 2.5"
Blade tip speed 17,000 fpm
Blade overlap 2"
Blade spindles/bearings 3 cast iron housings, greasable tapered roller bearings
Tractor PTO speed 540 rpm
Driveline size Cat 4
Belt powerband with double B-section
Belt adjustment spring-loaded idler
Rear chain shielding standard
Mower warranty 1 year
Gearbox warranty 6 years limited
Spindle warranty 3 year limited

90" - 7-1/2' Heavy Duty rear 3 point finish mower, 13x5x10 solid front & rear gauge wheels

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Great Mower

By Mowing Fool on 3/27/2019
I purchased this last year to reduce the amount of time spent mowing a large flat property. Before I was using a woods RD60 and still do on other properties (great mower), the issue was spending 8 hrs. to accomplish it. By purchasing the RD990X I can now mow the property in 2 hrs. and the finish cut is the same as the RD60 (excellent). The mower is big and heavy requiring a much larger tractor then the RD60. The larger tractor, engine, tires let me travel faster and have a better (smoother) ride. Great mower, would purchase again! Not that I can see needing to, the thing is built like a tank and I’m sure it will outlast me.

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