Oxbo Equipment & Attachments

Oxbo International Corp. develops, manufactures and supplies specialized agricultural equipment for niche market agribusiness worldwide. Presently, Oxbo currently offers equipment for:

Oxbo International CorpApplication
Field Corn
Fresh Market Vegetables
Seed Corn
Processed Vegetables
Our mission is to supply technologically advanced equipment that gives producers the ability to reduce their labor needs, increase their efficiencies and boost their profits.

The company has three manufacturing facilities, located in Byron, New York, Clear Lake, Wisconsin and Lynden, Washington, with a combined manufacturing and warehouse area of over 200,000 sq. ft. In addition, Oxbo has six company owned direct sales and service centers across the United States. Oxbo is a direct supplier of much of its equipment, and also utilizes dealers / distributors for certain products and/or territories. Oxbo's top priority is providing immediate product and customer support for all of our products.

The company’s roots are linked to the development of specialized harvesters for corn, beans and peas in the 1950's and 1960's. Over the years, Oxbo's product lines have grown to wide acceptance in their markets. Integrity, innovation and superb customer service are time-tested core values of the company’s business practices, and have helped to secure its continuity in an ever-changing agricultural environment.

World Wide Business
Oxbo currently supplies equipment worldwide to more than 20 countries, making exporting an important part of the business.

Other Services
Oxbo not only manufactures its own equipment, but it is also a distributor of Miller Application Equipment and Ploeger harvesting equipment. The company also offers factory repair and reconditioning for a wide range of used harvesting and application equipment sold the world over. Oxbo also offers unique capabilities, such as a Job Shop, with laser cutting, fabrication, welding, powder coating and more.

An Eye on the Future
Oxbo continues to look to the future of mechanical harvesting. Over the past few years, Oxbo has led the mechanical harvesting revolution in Florida's citrus industry to help relieve continually increasing labor pressure. With the addition of the Korvan brand in 2004, Oxbo now offers a complete line of vineyard mechanization products aimed at helping vineyard managers and owners reduce labor needs and cost while maintaining or even increasing fruit quality.