Kubota: Bearing, Part # 08141-06205

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Weighs 0.62 lbs
Replaces 70060-00129
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This part fits 48 models   

Installation Tips & Tricks

Ease of Installation
(10 minutes)
The key is to have everything clean and smooth. Bearing installation is quick... the pre-work can take time. If old bearings came apart, deburring might be necessary. Careful use of a rotary tool and wire brushes to get a smooth surface is important. A little ant-seize compound can help with assembly. Examine and clean all old hardware or replace if necessary. Anti-seize on threads will help with any disassembly in the future. Don't overtighten the pulley... it's got a keyway and lock washer. Use hand tools. Impact drivers might be needed to disassemble, but you have less risk of compressing the assembly and damaging new bearings if you use ratchet or box wrenches, depending on the age and condition of surviving parts.

(2 hours)
Getting the pulley shaft apart was most of the time (when you don't know what you are doing). Don't bugger up the threads on the pulley shaft.


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