Kubota: BUSH, Part # 08511-02025

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Installation Tips & Tricks

Ease of Installation

(2 hours30 minutes)
On a BX1500 with front axle center pivot bolt leaking oil, the 2 O-rings and 2 bushings should be replaced at the same time. The pivot bolt should be replaced if excessively worn, otherwise turn it 180 degrees when re-installing it. To control the axle and wheels when removing I cut a 1" X 1" strip of wood 28" long. Then drilled 2 3/8" holes exactly 26.5 " apart. Then added a 9.5" long center support leg facing down. The jig looks like a T w/ the top being the 28" long. I then used the bolt holes to fasten the strip to the holes the tie rod ends came out of. Doing this keeps the wheels steady and keeps the axle housing from flipping awkwardly. You simply raise the tractor, roll out the axle, and reverse after the seal job. And now to vent the axle to prevent future leaks.

(2 hours)
Tools- Sockets-10mm, 14mm, 17mm, 24mm, side cutting pliers. Jack and stands. Need new shaft, 2 backup rings, and 2 orings. Re-use shaft nut. Steering rack has to come out to get pivot bolt out. Pay attention to steering rack orientation. It will go in backwards! Suggest NOT using screwdriver method to remove bushings. If you do, be careful.-metal in axle housing is soft. Threading in a pipe tap and using a punch from the other side is better.

(45 minutes)
Small flat blade screwdriver lightly tap between split bushing to loosen bushing away from the wall. Take a medium flat blade and again tap driver to raise bushing away from wall. Keep tapping until the bushing will release and fall away. Pull bushing out with needle nose plier

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