Case IH / New Holland: O-RING, Part # 130333


Part Number 130333
Vendor Case IH
Messick's Price $2.00
Stock Quantity 0
Weight 0.00 lbs
Days to Order 3-7 business days
Replaces A1249613, B853163, D5753131, B1943616, E1550135, E143363, E140235, F1137723, F1647656, G40210, H2249637, H5753227, L437056, N5144422, L1343371, M5144421, P437703, P5144422, P30405, P1230444, U140226, S953205, S5718, T1447177, S116393, S137027, D26819, X943504, X137009, V1647141, V2343719, Z30405, Z1950123, 1418984R1, 14458380, 1971624C2, 1971624C1, 238-5125, 224686C91, 382989R91, 382418R1, 80130333, 83416189, 87046S94

New Holland: SEAL

Part Number 130333
Vendor New Holland
Messick's Price $2.00
Stock Quantity 12
Weight -0.02 lbs
Days to Order In stock
Replaces B853163, D5753131, E143363, E140235, E1550135, B1943616, G40210, F1137723, F1647656, H2249637, H5753227, D26819, M5144421, P1230444, N5144422, L1343371, P30405, P437703, P5144422, S116393, L437056, S137027, S953205, U140226, T1447177, X137009, X943504, Z1950123, S5718, Z30405, V1647141, V2343719, 14458380, 1418984R1, 1971624C2, 1971624C1, 224686C91, 238-5125, 382989R91, 382418R1, 80130333, 83416189, 87046S94, A1249613

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