Case IH: ANTIFREEZE, Part # 73344303

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Extended-Life OAT Coolant/Antifreeze #73344303 is bench tested, field tested and approved by CNH Industrial engineers to provide superior high-temperature protection in extreme conditions. Based exclusively on a synergistic combination of Organic Additive Technology (OAT), this long service life coolant/antifreeze protects cooling system metals — including brass, copper, solder, steel and cast iron — against rust, corrosion and deterioration, while fighting deposit buildup and cylinder liner cavitation. Suitable for all heavy- and light-duty diesel, natural gas and gasoline engines, Extended-Life OAT Coolant/Antifreeze is the only coolant able to protect all generations of equipment.
• Required for FPT Tier 4 engines*
• Superior aluminum protection and excellent CAB (Controlled Atmosphere Brazing) flux compatibility
• Free of borate, nitrite, amine, phosphate and silicate (BNAPS)
• Compatible with all system elastomeric materials ensuring optimal system performance
• Fully backward compatible: Protects all generations of equipment
• Product ready to use. Do not dilute with waterWhat Does the MAT Number Mean?The MAT number is one way that CNH Industrial lubricants differ from the competition. MAT is a series of internal technical standards developed by CNH Industrial engineers to ensure that all OEM-spec lubricants exceed industry-standard API requirements and have tighter tolerances than industry-standard specs. MAT numbers certify that our lubricants are engineered to protect the advanced technology in your equipment and help extend component life. No other maintenance solution can make that claim.Specifications:
• 50/50 Premix (also available in concentrate)
• MAT 3724
• Size: 1 gal./3.78 L*Always consult operator's manual for the exact fluid recommendation.

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