Viscosity Oil: Antifreeze/Coolant Organic Premix - 1 Gallon, Part # 76971JXYUS

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Weighs 1.00 lbs

VISCOSITY ACTIFULL™ OT Organic Antifreeze/Coolant is an organic acid, ethylene glycol based product. This product does not require an initial charge of supplemental coolant additive and is specially formulated to protect heavy-duty diesel wet sleeve liners. Contains organic corrosion inhibitors that do not degrade over the course of the drain interval, helping to prevent rust and protecting your cooling system even in extreme temperatures.


  • Best cooling capacity by resisting scale formation
  • Best pitting resistance at critical high heat points
  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Extended life
  • Compatible with most commonly used elastomer in diesel engines
  • Eliminates the cost of SCAs, test strips and manpower required to test the coolant and add SCA
  • Fluid Color: Pink

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